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2020 Blog Year In Review

Well, another busy year comes to an end. During 2020, I wrote over 90 cast blogs. Readership continues to increase. We are now averaging 4,000 visits per week from the cast community.

I have received ideas for blog stories from numerous casters around the world. I want to thank all members of the cast community for their ideas and creativity - and for their hard work to make the cast community function.

To commemorate my second blogging year, I would like to call attention to the top five most viewed blog articles of the year. In no particular order, here are the top five most viewed Blog articles of 2020:

Maddie was the most popular casted cutie of 2020. She broke her leg playing soccer at the age of 17. In the blog which you can read by clicking on the picture of Maddie below, there are numerous pictures of Maddie on the soccer field in agony, in the ER, having her leg set and casted the following day, and in a variety of casts and braces.

In November, I wrote about a spoiled socialite named Cambrie who broke her femur dancing in Southern California Club. She was underaged for drinking at the time and behaved very poorly in the emergency room.

Cambrie was placed in a full leg cast which she proudly displayed on a variety of social media sites.

Brides seem to be a popular topic on this blog site. In October, I wrote about a trio of brides who waked down the aisle wearing a leg cast. The most interesting of the woman was named Nicolette. Two days before the wedding, Nicolette over imbibed during a rehearsal dinner. She fell down stairs at the ocean side wedding venue and broke her tibia and fibula badly.

In spite of her doctor's warnings to spend her wedding day in a wheelchair, Nicolette partied and danced her way through her wedding reception. She had surgery on the leg the next day.

In May, we met Erika - a farm girl who broke her leg playing softball. Erika's broken leg journey was well documented on social media. She underwent a life altering reduction session in the ER without the benefit of drugs, surgery to set the leg properly, and hard ware removal months later.

And finally, let me remind you of Lexi. This gorgeous woman broke her leg playing high school soccer. She snapped her tibia and fibula at mid shaft. Conservative treatment of the injury did not work. She had surgery 4 weeks after the injury.

So as 2020 comes to an end, again I want to thank you for your readership of this blog. Please send ideas for blog stories to me along with any pictures you might have. Together, we can continue to make this site an important part of the cast community.

Happy New Year to all.

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