Casted Up

In regards to the long leg cast, a common sentiment is shared: the bigger, the better. This post is a collection of particularly large fiberglass med LLCs; casts that catch the eye for their length and thickness.

Many of the featured casts are on athletes who've suffered a broken leg during competition.

Plaster casts have not been included, since they tended to be uniformly large. In addition, as a younger member of the cast community, plaster casts fell out of use before my childhood, hence I have no strong attachment to them.

Context behind webfinds included when available.


Our first cast is an oversized pink LLC on a soccer player who suffered a broken tib/fib during a summer tournament. Despite her recent injury and huge cast, she looks well composed in this first image.

Here she is soon after getting casted during her hospital stay. She's still unfazed.

Unfortunately, her fall cheer season ended before it even began after she broke her leg.

Context behind the injury is unknown in this image. What we do know is that this guy is sporting an absolute monster of a long leg cast, with a significant bend in the knee as an added bonus.

This softball player landed herself in a beautiful blue LLC that shoots straight up her leg, with just a small window of space left at the top. She's clearly eager to get it cut off in this pic.

Another angle of her blue LLC. It must have been a difficult task to slide her shorts up her cast. It's also not advisable to dance on a full leg cast.

A broken tibia in one of her last soccer games of the year landed this chick in a purple LLC that encases almost her entire leg, including all of her toes.

Here she is with her teammates. Her massive cast demands complete attention.

With her boyfriend at the time. One has to wonder what he thought of her cast that he's doing his best to avoid in this pic.

The soccer player below snapped his tib/fib in half during a game and was put in one of the largest fiber LLC's that I've ever seen. He's even used a wooden plank to help support his casted leg.

A broken leg suffered during a field hockey game is the reason behind this chick's gorgeous white LLC. This is a prime example of what every LLC should look like.

Her cast still manages to disappear under a short denim skirt.

Context is unknown for the image below, but this girl certainly isn't shy about showing off her monster green cast. I love the attitude she displays.

This skateboarder has a broken leg, and looks on in disbelief at the cast that shoots up from his toes to his underwear. He hasn't fully yet come to terms with his situation.

A cleanly broken tibia and fibula ended this football player's season and landed him on the couch with his jersey and matching cast. He does not look amused by the full leg cast that extends into his crotch.

This chick's massive pink LLC, that is quite literally begging to be signed, is a longtime classic.

This girl is understandably thrilled to be released from the oversized green cast that previously encased her leg. The cast was very liberally padded, and has almost no shape besides a bend in the knee.

This girl's white LLC is a work of art, in more than one aspect. A masterpiece.

While the post mentioned the absence of plaster casts, there is room for an exception. This girl is sporting what looks to be a huge plaster cast wrapped with several outer layers of blue fiberglass. Though an old webfind, it remains one of the best. I can't even imagine how heavy and cumbersome her cast was.

Another shot of her cast, this time revealing some intricate artwork spanning most of her inner leg.

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