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Rachel and The Royal Ascot Race

Rachel is a British Bombshell. She is a journalist and part time actress who, after imbibing a bit too much wine, took a tumble down the stairs. The injury had nothing to do with horse racing. That part of the story will come later.

Rachel was taken by ambulance to the Emergency room. X-rays revealed a displaced fracture of the tibia. Although not evident from this x-ray view, Rachel's fibula was also cracked close to the knee. Rachel endured a horrible painful casting session after three hours in the ER. Her leg was initially placed in a full leg plaster cast. She stayed in a hospital bed for two solid days. Her only time out of her hospital bed was to 'transfer to the loo' with the help of nurses.

On day three of her hospital stay, Rachel was placed in a full leg fiberglass cast. Initially, she was to stay in this cast for six weeks. Her stay in the cast ended up being 12 weeks.

Rachel took the new cast in stride. She is shown here leaving the hospital after a four day stay. I am always curious about the lack of privacy in British hospital. No one ever seems to have a private room and corridors and waiting rooms seem very crowded. Of course, compared to America's horribly costly and inefficient heath care system, the British system is probably sensible.

Upon returning home, Rachel's main concern was the state of her toes. Since she could not reach her toes herself, she coerced a drunken male friend to paint her toes for her. I am sure that did not take too much coaxing.

12 Weeks is a long time to spend in a cast. Rachel was kept company by her cats and, of course, by her favorite bottle of Shiraz.

In a 'be careful what you wish for' moment, Rachel's cast was finally changed. Rachel was placed in a hinged cast which she hated with a passion. Her knee was incredibly sore after 12 weeks in a fixed position. And the skin on her knee was flaky and dandruff like.

Undeterred by the hinged contraption on her leg, Rachel attended the Royal Ascot race - the granddaddy of all British horse races. The race is over 300 years old and dress code is quite strict. Women must wear hats and sensible dresses. Men are encouraged to wear morning coats.Rachel surely stood out with her pink hinged cast.

After 16 weeks, Rachel finally was placed in below the knee cast. . The cast change took place one day before a scheduled holiday to Florida. The cast is technically a PTB or Sarmiento cast.

To say that Rachel was happy to lose the hinged cast is an understatement. And who wouldn't want to be the lucky shark in this picture of Rachel in Florida.

And speaking of lucky. That is Rachel's nephew in the hot tub on the left. I bet he will have some life long memories of Auntie Rachel and her cast.

Today, Rachel is 100% healed except for the mental memories of the six months spent in casts. Here is a picture of Rachel today as she prepares for a play in her home town. She plays a housekeeper who murders her employer. I don't think the feather duster is the murder weapon.

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