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A Sadist's Dream

Wake Boarder Dallas Friday comforted by rescue workers after snapping her femur in half in Singapore

This Blog will not appeal to everyone.

As most of you know, I am a sadist. I believe a cast or splint must be earned through some measure of pain, horror, shock, and disbelief. I am not a fan or recreational casting.

Wake boarder Dallas Friday is earning her splint in spades. The reigning world champion wake boarder was in Singapore in 2006 competing in a tournament. She missed a landing while doing a move called a 'whirlybird' and broke her femur in 9 places. The video below shows the injury occurring.

Dallas took up wake boarding in 2000 after breaking both of her ankles in middle school gymnastics. Her father convinced her that wake boarding was a much safer sport. I am not sure about the safe part but Dallas ended up becoming the winningest women's rider ever, a four-time X Games champion, and was awarded the ESPY for best female action-sports athlete in 2004.

Dallas immediately after the fall. Shock is beginning to set in.

Once at the hospital, treatment involved insertion of plate in her femur. Part of her hip was used to reconstruct the femur. During surgery, surgeons discovered that Dallas had lake water in her lungs. She was put into a coma and both lungs were aspirated. She spent 6 days in an intensive care unit.

During surgery, the doctors discovered fluid in Dallas's lungs. The fluid turned out to be lake water. This led to a brief stay in ICU for Dallas

Dallas's father Robin on the right with her attending surgeon in Singapore.

Dallas with her full medical team in Singapore. She would spend two more weeks in Singapore before taking the 16 hour flight back to her home in Orlando

Three months after the accident, Dallas was still on crutches

After a year, Dallas returned to competition. She regained her former world champion form. She retired from formal competition in 2015.

Dallas checking her make up. Note the scar on her left femur

The picture of Dallas being loaded onto the rescue boat is one of my favorite pain pictures of all time. For those of you who share my sadistic interest in broken bones, here are my all time top five broken bone pain pictures. To make this list, the picture must show the victim's face.

NUMBER FIVE - You already know the story here.

NUMBER FOUR - Tatiana Lebedeva of Russia receives assistance for a broken tibia after crashing into U.S. ski official Harald Schoenhaar of Park City, Utah during training for the womens downhill at the World Alpine Ski Championships in Sierra Nevada in 1996.

NUMBER THREE - Austrian skier Marlies Schild took a little tumble on the slopes. She broke her fibula and cracked her kneecap in the fall.

NUMBER TWO - This poor Tulane soccer player is having a very bad day. When your team mates scream, cover the eyes, and begin crying after seeing your leg, you are in trouble. This was the end of this woman's college soccer career.

NUMBER ONE - I adore this picture. The picture quality is rich. The poor woman has suffered a broken leg and is being attended to by the ski patrol. Her face is filled with shock, pain, remorse, and disbelief as she sucks greedily on her green whistle.

Honorable Mention

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