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Making Broken Look Good

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Kerry hours after having her leg placed in the cast

I adore Scotland. I love the weather in summer. The gregarious people. The bars and restaurants. The trains and transportation system.

And I especially love Scottish women. They tend to be outgoing. Gregarious. Great in bed. And they are willing to take risks. I once had sex with a woman on the Queen's Yacht Britannia which is harbored in Edinburgh. But that's a story for another time.

This is the kind of banker I want safe guarding my funds

Kerry is a 40 something Gothic, heavy metal junkie who works for the Royal Bank of Scotland during daylight hours. At night, she is a 'balls to the wall' party animal.

A few years ago, Kerry was dared by her partner of 5 years to jump off the roof of couple's Edinburgh flat. The evening, to that point, had involved the consumption of large quantities of alcohol and weed while attending hard metal concert. Kerry, being of Scottish soul and spirit readily agreed.

Kerry and her partner who is a lead guitarist in a heavy metal band

The result was a badly dislocated and broken kneecap that resulted in a call to 999 - the United Kingdom version of the US's 911. Kerry, higher than a kite, was whisked away to hospital sucking on the green whistle. At the emergency room, Kerry's kneecap was painfully pushed back into place and the leg was splinted. Two days later, Kerry was placed in a comfy toe to thigh fiberglass cast.

Kerry actually enjoyed being in the cast. She wore the thing for six weeks. She would wash the cast with comet or ajax every couple of days. No one was allowed to sign the cast. The pearly white cast accented Kerry's long, elegant toes which she displayed proudly.

One thing that perplexes me about Kerry is her choice of cast color. For a woman's whose 1,000 plus social media pictures show her dressed exclusively in black, why would Kerry chose a white cast?

And by the way, this was not Kerry's first trip to the fracture clinic. One year before taking her little leap off the roof, Kerry broke her wrist falling off the stage at one of her partner's performances.

White is a strange color choice for Heavy Metal Gothic Woman

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