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A Witch Breaks Her Leg

Here is Archy the free spirit a few days before breaking her ankle

Archy is an unusual creature. She lives in Los Angeles and has two kids ages 6 and 2. She is an artist, a self proclaimed witch, a social activist, do it your selfer, and a newbie to roller derby.

On the day before Halloween of last year, Archy ( pronounced ARKY) broke her ankle at roller derby practice. Actually, the break occurred after practice when she accidentally skated over a team mates sweater.

While Archy was holding out hope that the ankle was just sprained, x-rays revealed a broken tibia and fibula and a displaced talus. She was devastated upon seeing the x-rays that she would not be able to 'trick and treat' with her kids.

Bad news in the ER. The ankle is definitely broken

In the ER, Archy was placed in an extremely uncomfortable splint by a fireman of all people. Her broken bones and displaced talus were not re-aligned. She said she could feel the bones floating around in her ankle.

Her spirits were raised when the next day a team mate named 'Cherry Bomb' arrived at her house with a wheelchair that could be used for trick or treating. Cherry is apparently a veteran bone breaker and may be Archy's sister in law.

Because of extensive swelling and lousy insurance, Archy had to wait 13 days before her orthopedist reduced the ankle fractures for her. This eliminated the 'floating bone' sensation but the poor woman still faced surgery.

Archy's leg being manipulated a day or two prior to surgery

Archy gets my 'Tough Cookie' award for the year 2018. She insisted on filming the entire, gruesome reduction process. In spite a nerve block, the pain was 'not of this world' according to our favorite little artist and witch. She is not the complaining type and only spoke during the video when she could offer positive comments.

Finally, after two weeks of suffering, surgery day came. Once again, the soft spoken Archy documented the process through her Vlog in great detail.

Archy in the recovery room post surgery

Following surgery, Archy went through several splints and casts

Archy proudly displays her cast

Being the spiritual waif that she is, Archy believed that stones and crystals would speed her heeling process. Not sure about that but to each his own

This photo shows the hardware that was installed in Archy's leg. Note the kick ass shoe she is wearing on her good foot. How would you like to be kicked by that?

Nine months after her injury, Archy is still not back to skating. She did achieve a milestone of sorts a few weeks ago. Some women long for the day they can wear high heels after a serious ankle injury. Archy, was ecstatic when she was able to don her 12 year old New Rock boots.


In early April of this year, Archy's daughter, Arrah (you didn't expect her to have a normal name did you?) was jumping on a trampoline. Arrah suffered a non-displaced fracture of her tibia.

Fortunately, Arrah's fracture was a hairline.

X-Rays were taken at a local ER. Arrah was placed in a toe to thigh fiberglass cast by the same doctor who treated Archy. Archy participated in the casting process.

Mother and daughter compare orthopedic appliances.

And, as would be expected, Archy documented her daughter's treatment for the injury on video.

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