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Amanda and The Broken Leg

To earn a featured spot on my Blog, you need to do some exceptional things. The first thing, of course, is to break an arm or a leg - ideally in an exceptional fashion. Also, ideally, you would incur your injury in a public place so your shock, agony, and fear are clearly captured in picture or video by nosy onlookers. Hopefully, your treatment will involve an incredibly painful setting session in the ER followed by confinement in a full leg or arm cast. And your journey from injury to recovery will have to be captured by friends and relatives giving us a host of pictures containing views of your face as well as your cast.

Amanda did almost none of these things. So why is she featured in this blog? Read her story and find out.

Amanda lives in Iowa in the United States. She is a photographer focusing on weddings and family portraits. Amanda is married and has has two small boys.

On July 2nd, 2013, Amanda decided to take her two boys - aged 3 and 5 at the time - to a creek near her house for an afternoon of tadpole catching (baby frogs). Amanda led the boys, professional camera in hand, down a muddy creek bed. In her own words, here is what happened.

"All of a sudden I slipped in the mud and started almost skiing down this little mud slope. My right foot hit a rock and turned my leg, the noise I heard next I will NEVER forget! It was the sound of like a huge tree branch being broken in half. I knew immediately as my butt hit the mud that I had broken my leg. And it was funny even through the sliding and the fall all I could think was DON’T DROP YOUR CAMERA! As I gripped it so hard with my left hand. "

Amanda said the immediate pain was life altering and she almost threw up. Somehow she mustered the strength to give her camera to her oldest son who fetched her cell phone from a nearby table.

So here is why Amanda is featured in this Blog. After calling 911, Amanda, social media diva that she is, tuned into Facebook. Laying in the mud, broken bones poking against her skin, delirious in pain, and responsible for two small children Amanda made a Facebook post!

How many people with a freshly broken leg would have the composure to post on Facebook while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Amanda said she made the post in case the ambulance did not show up. Surely someone among were 549 friends would come looking for her.

Fortunately, the ambulance arrived. Amanda was whisked off to the emergency room where she endured an incredibly painful pull and twist session orchestrated by a female orthopedic surgeon who looked all of 16 years old and assisted by a dozen nurses and doctors who held Amanda still during the setting process. Amanda said she would gladly go through child birth 5 times before she would go through the setting process again.

Amanda's leg minutes after her badly broken leg was set

Amanda's nasty tibia fracture.

Amanda's temporary cast was wrapped in ace bandages and the poor woman was admitted for the evening. She was told she would spend a total of 10 weeks in casts of various shapes and sizes.

Amanda's night in the hospital. Nurses continually iced her fracture site

Amanda's recovery from the injury was normal. She progressed through a series of casts.

Amanda continued to work throughout her confinement in casts. Almost 10 weeks to the day after the break, Amanda was rewarded with a walking boot.

Amanda and her boot. Imagine how much better all of the pictures in this blog could be if they included her body and face

Today, Amanda is fully recovered. The only reminder of her injury is a small red spot the size of a dime on the side of her lower leg. This was caused when the broken tibia pressed against the skin causing crowning.

Amanda getting a pedicure weeks after having her cast removed.

If you haven't noticed, Amanda has world class toes. She knows it and indicated in one of her blogs that she finds toe sucking very personal and erotic

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