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Anatomy Of A Story - Brian's Big Weekend

As many of you know, I have written a dozen or so cast stories over the years. My typical story will be 80 to 100 Word pages long and consist of 50,000 to 75,000 words. This puts my typical story in the small novel range.

In December of 2018, I did a Blog Post about one of my stories. The post discussed the background of my story titled Jody Jaffe. Jody is a real life character who had the misfortune of breaking her leg in the 80's. She was a journalist and writer and actually discussed her broken leg experience in one of her novels. You can access this Blog post by clicking on Jody's picture below.

I was surprised at the level of readership the Jody Jaffe blog post generated. So I thought I would devote this blog to explaining the back ground of another of my stories - Brian's Big Weekend.

The idea for Brian's Big Weekend came about in early 2017. I made contact with Brian who runs a popular cast blog - Casts and Toes. You can access Brian's Blog by clicking on the picture below.

At the time, my writing had stalled. I was working on a story called Cindy Nelson but needed some fresh ideas. Cindy is a nurse in Denver who encounters a variety of unusual patients and acquaintances. Her boyfriend, Jack, has a broken leg and has a raging foot fetish. Most of the female characters in the book are nymphomaniac lesbians. And the chapters in the book were starting to look and feel the same to me.

As Brian and I talked, I thought it might be fun to give him a cameo appearance in the Cindy Nelson story. In real life, he has never been in a cast but has a fascination with them. In real life, he is married but his wife knows nothing about his cast fetish. Brian has a huge foot fetish and an interest in pegging and ass play. He has contributed to the cast community for many years. And I thought putting him in a chapter in one of my stories would be a nice way of paying him back.

One of the characters at the cast signing ceremony at the Broken Leg Cafe is based on this girl who I will feature in an upcoming post

The result of this was a one year collaborative effort with Brian to write Brian's Big Weekend. The story has many of the same core characters as the Cindy Nelson story but is told through the viewpoint of Brian as opposed to Cindy. The story ended up being 55 chapters and 50,000 words long.

The plot is fairly simple. Brian travels to Denver to spend a weekend with his nymphomaniac cousins; Denise and Robbie. His cousins are veteran bone breakers who decide Brain should be placed in a full leg cast. The cast is to be removed at the conclusion of the weekend before Brian returns home to his family in Texas. During a weekend trip to a ski lodge, Brian encounters dozens of lesbian, nymphomaniac woman who have suffered broken legs, enjoy have their feet and toes worshiped, and give Brian the occasional ass pegging. You can read the full story HERE.

The story was very fun to write. Many of the characters came from real women Brian had featured in his Blog. In Chapter Six of the story, as an example, we meet a roller derby queen named Cherry Cyanide. Cherry is a real life character who is a veteran bone breaker. She has been featured in Brian's blog.

Other characters in the story come from my treasure trove of real life broken bone victims. In Chapter 15, as an example, we meet a character named Carissa. She is a friend of Denise's who enjoys cooking in the kitchen wearing only a pair of black soccer socks. This is real life woman who I wrote a Blog post about in January of last year. You can click on her picture below to read more about Carissa.

Carissa broke her leg in a college soccer game. The on-field action -- including fingers dug into dirt, writhing on the ground, and loud screaming - was captured on a YouTube video that went viral. The video is discussed in Chapter 49 when Brian, Robbie, and Carissa have movie night together and can be seen if you click on Carissa's picture above.

Brian's Big Weekend also features many of the stock characters who appear in most of my stories. These include Paige Perrell (137 broken bones in the Brian's Story - broke the same arm three times in real life), Lynn Baucom (my childhood neighbor in real life who spent nine months in a full leg plaster walking cast at the age of 14), and Hanna Peters, a gorgeous red head whose real life broken foot has been featured in many of my stories.

I adore writing. I do it primarily for my own pleasure but absolutely love it when Blog readers comment about my stories. I am afraid reading and writing are dying arts. In 50 years, we may have professional readers trained to interpret cursive and printed symbols and translate them into 5 second videos that can be interpreted by the rest of humanity.

For the time being, however, I hope you enjoy my stories.

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