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Aussie Woman Breaks Foot In Most Unusual Way

American football is a sport with very confusing rules. Points can be scored in increments of 1, 2, 3, or 6 points. Penalties occur for infractions that are often unseen to the human eye. Most points scoring or penalties require a review by a 'booth official' who located in New York City causing games to run 3 1/2 to 4 hours in duration.

In site of well padded uniforms, the game is extremely violent. Many experts believe the padding and state of the art helmets worn by American football players actually encourage overly aggressive violence. No helmet less rugby player would think of making a head to head hit on defenseless player. In, American football, that behavior is common resulting in high concussion rates and high rates of dementia in retired players.

Some of the most violent and gruesome injuries in sports history have occurred on the American football field. In 1985, an American football player named Joe Theismann broke his leg graphically in front of 10 million television viewers. The incident was immortalized in an American film call the 'Blind Side' years later.

You can see a clip of the accident below as narrated by Sandra Bullock in the opening frames of the 'Blind Side'.

So why in the world would a gorgeous, Australian, married woman in her 30's with 2 kids want to play American football? Who knows. But she did for a number of years.

The beautiful Cat a few years before breaking her foot.

Cat played on the defensive side of the ball in a woman's league in Australia. . Her husband also played in a men's league. Neither of them had any interest in the results of the National Football League in the states. They simply enjoyed playing the sport.

Cat writhing on the football field in pain after breaking her foot in three places

In 2017, Cat was playing in a game. An opponent stepped on Cat's foot breaking three bones in her foot. She described the pain as 'breath taking' and was unable to get off the football field on her own.

Trainers on the field with Cat. According to her, their skills were less than impressive. In this picture, the trainer is holding her good foot

Cat on the sideline after her break. The foot is not being iced. And she should not be rubbing it

Cat hoped the foot was just sprained. After three days, the foot was still swollen and painful. She made the good decision to visit an emergency clinic. X-rays revealed hairline breaks to three bones in her foot.

Cat's x-ray. Tough diagnosis for a mother with youg kids.

Cat's foot at the emergency clinic. The right foot is extremely swollen

Cat was placed in a temporary splint and asked to return in a week to get a hard cast.

Cat in her temporary splint with a friend at the Melbourne airport

A week later, Cat was placed in a short leg cast which she wore for five weeks.

Cat in her sporty short leg cast.

Although the breaks were hairline, Cat's foot was never the same again. She tried to make a comeback to the sport but was forced into retirement. She now coaches defense for another team.

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