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Beauty Queen Breaks Ankle

Ashley has great genes. A native of the state of Maine in the US, she is beautiful, a gifted athlete, and intelligent.

Ashley competing for the title of Miss USA

As a teen, Ashley participated in beauty contests. At the age of 16, she won the title of Miss Maine Teenage USA. When she turned 18, Ashley received a scholarship to play volleyball at the University of Maine. Once on campus, Ashley became unhappy and was diagnosed with depression. During that time, she admitted that she suffered from numerous mental demons and was anorexic.

She transferred to the University of Southern Maine where she starred on the basketball team for four years. She was later inducted into the school's athletic Hall of Fame.

Ashley during her basketball playing days in college

In 2011, Ashley won the title of Miss Maine USA. This pageant is part of the Miss Universe pageant streams. After becoming Miss Maine, Ashley competed in Las Vegas for the title of Miss USA. She did not win the title but did finish in the top eight.

In the ER. Ashley's gruesome ankle injury

In 2012, Ashley was playing a recreation league basketball game. She stepped on a defender's foot and turned her ankle violently. The result was a fracture dislocation so severe team mates had a hard time looking at her foot.

"It was crazy." Ashley later recounted. My foot was pointed sideways and the pain was through the roof. I begged for someone to put my foot back in place. Fortunately, no one did."

It took over an hour for an ambulance to arrive. Ashley's ankle was splinted in place. At the hospital, the orthopedic surgeon on duty said he had never seen a break as severe as Ashley's. She was whisked off to surgery and six screws were implanted in her ankle.

Ashley's x-ray post surgery

Following surgery, Ashley was placed in a below the knee cast.

Ashley proudly displaying her cast.

Ashley and her mother. You can see where Ashley gets her looks

Ashley not letting her cast prevent her from having fun

After six weeks, the cast was removed and Ashley was allowed to bear weight immediately.

Ashley on 'cast off' day. Amazingly, she went from a cast directly to weight bearing.

Ashley's recovery from the injury was a long process. She underwent months of physical therapy to regain a full range of motion in the ankle.

Ashley at a physical therapy session. Lucky physical therapist

Close up of Ashley's foot during PT

Ashley is no stranger to injury. She broke the same ankle a year before her run for Miss Universe in a skateboarding accident. She also professes to have broken both arms, a rib, and her right lower leg.

Ashley sporting a cast for a previous ankle injury

Today, Ashley is 38 and the mother of two children. She is openly bisexual and not married. She runs a fitness coaching business in Kentucky.

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