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Updated: May 28, 2019

January 27 is a day that Becca remembers with no measure of fondness each year. That is the day the 10 year old Becca broke her arm in taekwondo practice.

Becca shown a few years after breaking her arm.

Becca comes from a big family. She has seven brothers and sisters. Her mother and father were quite religious. All children were home schooled.

Becca has seven brothers and sisters. Becca is wearing the bow in her hair on the right side of the family portrait

On January 27, 2000, Becca broke her arm in a taekwondo practice. She was practicing a new move called a running jump, double side kick. She landed awkwardly on her arm and snapped both bones in her forearm in half. The pain was immediate and intense. Her teacher said is sounded like a shot gun going off when Becca's arm was broken.

Bravely, Becca did not shed a tear. Mom and dad were summoned. The boys in Becca's class were impressed as hell at Becca's toughness. Mom and dad drove her to the hospital where a 4 hour wait ensued. Becca's only complaint was about the bumpy roads on the way to the hospital.

After a 4 hour wait, a 'good news-bad news' scenario occurred. Finally, an operating room opened up. The Orthopedic Specialist initially told the family that it was almost certain that surgery would be required. Fortunately, the attending physician was able to set Becca's arm manually.

The bad news for poor Becca was that because of her parent's religious beliefs, Becca was not allowed any pain medication stronger than over the counter. So under the influence of 4 Tylenol, Becca's mangled arm was bent, pulled, and twisted into place by a doctor who Becca said had 'sad eyes'. She survived the 20 minute setting process and was placed in a full arm cast.

Becca adjusted to her cast the way most 10 year olds do. She wore the cast as a badge of honor, delighted in letting friends and family sign the cast, and adjusted to the difficulties of bathing and dressing in a full arm cast.

Two days after the break, Decca is back at TaeKwondo class. Albeit on the sidelines and accompanied by a couple of unsavory characters.

Becca proudly displays her first cast

One week later, Becca returned to the doctor's office for an x-ray. Everything was fine and Becca remained in the full arm cast.

Becca at her one week check-up

Becca's next follow-up was scheduled for 4 weeks. During that follow-up, Becca's cast was changed. Because the break occurred high in the forearm, Becca was once again placed in a full arm cast. Amazingly, Becca was the first of her 7 siblings to break a bone. So the cast change experience was a bit unsettling for Becca and her mom and dad.

Becca did not let the cast deter her enjoyment of childhood.

Becca at her 11th birthday party

In spite of the cast, Becca won Taekwondo student of the month in March. She was picked over 100 other students/

And finally, on March 27 - exactly 2 months after breaking her arm - Becca had her cast removed.

Becca seems much more relaxed during this visit to the doctor

19 years later, Becca still lives in Oregon. Becca is currently the manager of a Sherwin Williams paint store in the Portland area.

Becca today. Memories of her broken arm still haunt her

Becca is not close to her family today. She rebelled against her parents religious beliefs as she aged. Mom and dad were so devout when Becca was growing up, they scheduled Becca's cast change to coincide with the birthday of Joseph who was the father of Jesus.

Becca is a smart girl. She earned scholarships to the University of Oregon and graduated with a business degree. She has a boyfriend and a happy life

Becca's broken arm is a life long memory for Becca. The fear, horror, shock, disbelief, and pain associated with a 20 minute reduction session while power loading only on Tylenol cannot be removed from Becca's memory banks.

Every January 27 since she was 17, Becca has followed a ritual. At exactly 4:10 PM - the time Becca broke her arm - the curly haired nymph pours herself a glass of wine, lights a candle in the bathroom, and draws a warm bath. She brings up the picture of her 11th birthday party and celebrates the fact that she has been break free for 19 years.

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