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Birds of a Feather

Milly is a zoologist with a passion for tracking and classifying birds in Australian coastal areas.

Much of Milly's time is spent travelling to remote areas of Australia in micro light airplanes. In August of last year, Milly was at the Caooture Airfield in Queensland, when the trailer hitch of a micro light airplane fell on her leg breaking her tibia.

Milly and the typical type of lite aircraft she flies to remote parts of Australia

Milly is quite a personality. She handled the whole event with a sense of humor and dignity. Medics were called. They gave Milly the 'green whistle' while splinting the poor woman's leg.

The trailer hitch has been lifted from Milly's leg. The EMT's are on their way. In spite of her pain, the woman is giving a thumbs up sign

Milly was in significant pain in spite of her bravado in the previous picture. Here she is sucking on the green whistle while being loaded into the ambulance

The green whistle is a pain killer growing in popularity. The emergency pain killer Pentrox was developed in Australia. It is non addictive and self administered. The green whistle has also been approved for use in Europe. For years, the US for some reason banned its use. Now the product is starting to be distributed. Molly can attest to reason for the popularity of Pentrox.

EMT's and friends work on Milly's leg while she sucks on the green whistle

At the ER, Milly's leg was x-rayed. She was diagnosed with hairline fracture of the tibia just above her ankle. Milly was placed in a temporary cast and sent home for a week. The broken leg did not seem to effect Milly as much as the need to cut the leg off of her favorite pair of jeans.

The ever smiling Milly in the ER. This picture is the most widely distributed of the picture set

Rarely have I seen more joy on the face of an individual sentenced to six weeks in a leg cast. The small photos on the right show Milly's favorite pair of jeans being turned in to shorts on one side

Milly spent a lot of time flying to remote parts of the Australian coast. Here she is conferring with her operations manager about upcoming flights after the cast is removed

A week after the accident, Milly was placed in a proper full leg fiberglass cast. She was given her choice of colors. Pink was out of the question so blue was the color of choice. For the next six weeks, Milly wore her full leg cast with pride and with some degree of playful amusement.

This is one willing patient. Milly's went with the sporty blue color

So what emotions are on her face? Surely not anger or pain. Maybe a puckish hint of humor? Amusement? And a sense that she looks forward to her great cast adventure.

There is a 5 minute video of Milly being taken home by a friend after getting her cast. In the video, she talks extensively about her broken leg. Email me if you want a link to the video. The link is only available to subscribers to my site. Her name is revealed in the video

Milly actually seemed to enjoy being in the full leg cast. She showed the cast off at every opportunity. And the PhD was careful not to mar the beauty of the cast with signatures and drawings.

The full leg cast was eventually replaced with a shorter model. And subsequently replaced with a walking boot.

Goodbye old cast. Note the lack to signatures or drawings. This woman respects the sanctity of a full leg cast.

I have not figured out Australian Orthopedic Surgeons. Molly's hairline break was close to her ankle. Yet she was placed in a PTB type of cast

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