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Blushing Brides Break Many Bones

Back in May, I wrote a blog about a bride named Lula who broke her leg at a Hen-Do - a British pre-marriage party for the bride and her wedding party. You can find that post by clicking on the picture below.

This blog is about three other brides who walked down the aisle in a leg cast.


Ashlie and her new hubby. Love the way the casted toes peek out from under her dress

11 Days before her wedding, Ashlie tripped while walking down carpeted stairs in her house in Chicago. Her foot slammed against the wall as she landed. "It was pretty gross." She later said. "My foot was just dangling there. There was a bone pressing against the skin."

Ashlie kicking off her shoe after the ceremony.

Ashlie's fiance rushed the woman to an urgent care center where she was referred to a hospital for immediate surgery.

Ashlie used an i-Walk to make the trip down the aisle.

Two days before her wedding, Ashlie's stitches were moved. Her splint was replaced with a shiny white cast. On her way home from the orthopedic surgeon's office, Ashlie stopped at a nail salon for a pedicure.


Four days before her wedding, Kimberly was carrying wedding decorations down stairs at her home in Wales. She tripped and suffered a broken and dislocated ankle.

The blushing bride on her way into the church

Fortunately, the ankle relocated easily and the break to the fibula was hairline. Kimberly was placed in a cast and warned to not bear weight on the ankle until her next visit at the fracture clinic.

Kimberly with her husband after the ceremony. Love the tennis shoe

Kimberly the day after the ceremony


This woman takes the cake. Nicolette got married last year. Two days before the wedding, Nicolette over imbibed during a rehearsal dinner. She fell down stairs at the ocean side wedding venue and broke her tibia and fibula badly.

Nicolette allowed guests to sign her cast during the reception. Nicolette kept the cast when it was removed. It served as a wedding register of sorts

Nicolette was rushed to a hospital. There, immediate surgery was recommended. This would require hospitalization and a postponement of the wedding. Nicolette, barely able to talk from the combination of pain and alcohol, refused.

Nicolette insisted the doctor set her leg as best he could and place her in a cast. The doctor initially refused but then agreed when Nicolette promised him she would stay confined to a wheelchair throughout the wedding service and reception.

Nicolette just before the start of the reception

What followed was a 'life altering' fracture reduction session that lasted over an hour. The physician pulled, twisted, and pushed Nicolette's shattered leg until he got the bones into some semblance of alignment. Because anesthesia could not be given because Nicolette had been drinking, a local pain killer was administered before the torture session began. The local did nothing to lessen the pain. Nicolette spent the hour screaming and biting on a small pillow that had been provided to her by a nurse.

Nicolette and her new hubby at the reception

On her wedding day, Nicolette apparently forgot her promise to stay in a wheelchair.

The wedding photographer said "I can honestly say that in 25 years of doing wedding photography I’ve never seen such a smiley, joyous – and downright party animal! – bride as Nicolette; she wasn’t going to let something as trivial as a cast (!) stop her from absolutely owning the dance floor!"

As you can see from he pictures below, Nicolette appears to have forgotten her wheelchair.

Two days after the wedding, Nicolette submitted to her doctor's wishes and had surgery on the leg.

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