Born Again Woman Breaks Leg

Meredith is a 50 year old woman with a total belief in the glories of God. She is a married mother of three. Two of her kids are in college with a third on the way.

Meredith and her husband attend a fundamentalist Christian church in Colorado. They believe strictly that the 'Word of God' is contained in the Bible. Meredith spends 30 minutes a day copying bible passages onto sheets of paper she stores in a metal filing cabinet.

Meredith on Ash Wednesday.

Now, I am not one to criticize someone else's religion. I often wish my faith in God was strong enough to make me understand why an omnipotent deity would allow the world to suffer through famine, plagues, and wars.

One of Meredith's writings from the Bible. I suppose spending 30 minutes a day copying words out of a book gives Meredith comfort that she is devoted to Christianity

In addition to being a fanatic Christian, Meredith is an avid hiker. In 2016, Meredith had a little accident while hiking with her husband. They were on Barr Trail near Colorado Springs. This trail is world famous. It gains almost 7,500 feet in elevation in its 11 mile length. Meredith slipped on a wet log and broke her fibula in two places.

Meredith on the hiking trail. So much for God's love and protection

Meredith neatly packaged and ready to be carried down the trail to the waiting ambulance

According to her husband, Meredith let lose with a string of expletives so strong immediately after breaking the leg that a sailor would cringe. It took medics over two hours to reach the couple's remote location. The rescue party would have to carry Meredith on a stretcher nearly 4 miles to reach the ambulance.

In the ambulance on the way to a Colorado Springs Hospital

Unfortunately, God was not on Meredith's side when she arrived at the hospital. While surgery would not be required to set the breaks, the bones would have to be manipulated into alignment.

God let Meredith down several times that day. Of course the broken leg itself was let down one. The 2 hour, 4 mile trip down a rocky, windy trail to the ambulance was another. Meredith arrived at the hospital directly behind the injured victims of a terrible three car accident and was forced to wait in an emergency room corridor for three hours. And, finally, God sent to Meredith an emergency room doctor who did not believe in pain medications for simple fracture reductions and who ineptly took 3 tries to get Meredith's fibula back in place.

Maybe Meredith should pray a little more or lower her expectation of what a supreme being can do for her.

Meredith on the 4th of July, 2016

Meredith survived the evening and returned home in a well padded soft splint. A week later, the splint was replaced with a blue fiberglass cast.

Meredith's first cast. Stylish blue

Meredith proudly showing off her cast with a friend who blew out her ACL practicing yoga. The friend is a bit of a thrill seeker. She broke both legs skiing as a teenager and spent 12 weeks in full leg casts

One thing God did do for Meredith was bless her with great feet and toes. Her social media sites are filled with references to her love off showing her toes off.

After three weeks in the blue cast, Meredith was placed in an orange cast. She loved taking pictures of the cast and her gorgeous toes and sharing them on social media sites.

While in the orange cast, Meredith took her daughter off to her first year of college in Southern California. Meredith joked that she only needed to pack shoes for her left foot. As you can see, she is fond of sandals.

Meredith having her cast removed in late August

Once the orange cast was removed, Meredith spent a short time in a walking boot. Her recovery was not easy. She participated in Physical Therapy.

Meredith Icing her ankle in November of 2016.

To this day, Meredith occasionally experiences pain and swelling in the ankle - particularly after a long hike.

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