• Cindy

Breaking a bone is a journey

Meet Em. She broke both bones in her lower leg. Her father and uncle were painting the eves on the roof of her house in New Zealand. The curious girl climbed the ladder to the roof to see what her dad and uncle were up to. And she came crashing down.

The EMT's were jolly on the spot and arrived minutes after being called. She was immediately placed on gas and some type of IV based pain killer.

Em's dad is a minister with the Mormon Church. When he found her crumpled on the deck, he immediately gave the girl some type of blessing. I think she appreciated the gas and drugs more than the blessing.

The splint seems a little primitive. But the blue toenails at a festive atmosphere to an otherwise gloomy afternoon

Em's mom rode with her in the back of the ambulance to the hospital.

Broken legs can be great neighborhood fun. Bet that kid in the red shirt won't forget this day in a long time. Maybe he will be lucky enough to sign Em's full leg cast. And maybe eventually become a caster.

The bones in Em's legs were overlapping on the x-ray. They thought surgery was going to be required. Luckily the surgeon was able to reduce the break manually while Em was unconscious. And Em earned a nice, pearly white plaster cast.

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