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Breaking A Leg Down Under

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Al is an active and quite athletic 13 year old who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Here dad is a professional golfer and she lives on a ranch.

Al is a competitive gymnast and an X-Games level competitor in skateboarding. She has enough talent and determination to quality for both the Olympic Games and the X-Games.

Al and her younger brother are such avid skateboarders, their father built them a world class skateboard ramp in their backyard. The ramp is massive and drew a great deal of ire from neighbors who found thing unsightly. I am not sure how a skateboard ramp can be unsightly in a rural part of Australia where chickens, goats, and cattle roam freely among the various ranches.

In December, Al had a skateboarding accident on the ramp and broke her tibia.

She underwent a painful reduction session and was initially placed in a back slab splint.

The back slab was soon replaced with a hard, full leg cast. For some reason, Al was confined to a wheelchair for the duration of her time in the full leg cast. Crutches were not allowed.

So Al Spent Christmas in a full leg cast. Not exactly what she planned. In Australia, December is summertime and the cast was horribly itchy and hot.

That didn't stop Al from pushing the edge by exercising while in the cast.

After six weeks, the full leg cast was replaced with a below the knee cast.

And, finally, two days ago, Al was placed in a walking boot. After six weeks in the full leg cast, her knee was bothering her. Thus the knee bracing above the boot.

Once the cast was off, Al immediately began gymnastics training again.

So the Al broken leg story has come to an end. Al publicized her broken leg in a number of social media outlets - on a daily basis. I am fairly certain that, at the ripe old age of 13, she knew her broken leg was driving a fairly large percentage of the male population nuts. Just after Christmas, some creep asked Al if he could see a picture of her toes in the cast. She replied with an emphatic NOOOO!

Two days later this picture appeared on social media.

So, in conclusion, the Al blog comes with good news and bad news. The bad news of course is that Al is out of her cast and ready to resume life as an active 13 year old. We will have no more daily cast updates.

The good news - for us at least - is that Al is likely to break bones on a regular basis going forward given her love of dangerous pastimes.

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