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British Police Constable Breaks a Leg

The United States is currently embroiled in a debate over the role of police in potentially racial incidents.

The debate has been sparked by videos of police use of force on a black man named George Floyd. Floyd died after the confrontation and police departments across the US have been under attack.

As usual, many Americans see the issue as black and white (literally).

The liberal factions in the US are demanding that police departments be defunded, confederate statues be toppled, and black American receive trillions of dollars from the US government as reparation for decades of slavery.

The conservative factions, many of whom are Donald Trump supporters, claim George Floyd deserved what he got since her has a long history of robbery and drug use and was higher than a kite when arrested, are threatening to resume lynchings of uppity black Americans, and are bristling at the thought of the 'Black National Anthem' being played at NFL Football games.

As usual, this blogger takes a somewhat neutral position, understands the feelings of both liberals and conservatives, but feels the correct solution is neither extreme.

With that lead in, I would like to introduce you to two women on opposite sides of the police brutality issue.

Safia fulling dressed out to catch bad guys

The first is a 35 year old British woman named Safia. She a police constable in England. In 2017 she was involved in arresting a slime bag 32 year old man who was wanted by police for breaching a restraining order. Safia, along with 3 or 4 other police officers, tried to handcuff the culprit. He resisted the arrest and made a racial slur against Safia's middle eastern heritage. A tussle ensued. During the struggle, the bad guy kicked Safia in her ample bosom, she toppled backward, and snapped her fibula in half.

Safia in the Emergency Department with her newly applied back slab splint. I wonder how a woman with 3 children takes the time to paint her toes before donning her uniform and gun

Adrenaline kicked in and Safia, in spite of pain from the break, re-entered the fray. Tough cookie that one. After the bad guy was finally restrained, Safia was driven to a hospital. The break was discovered and she was put into a back slab cast.

This video shows Safia engaged with the bad guy and breaking her leg

A week later, Safia was upgraded to a fiberglass cast which she wore for 5 weeks.

Safia at home sporting her newly applied red fiberglass cast

A month after the incident, the bad guy was sentenced to a little over 2 years in prison. Safia was not happy with the sentence.

Safia leaving the courthouse after the sentencing of the bad guy

In a video filmed after she recovered from the injury and returned to work, Safia talks about the effect the broken leg had on her life at the time and on her life going forward.

In this video, Safia discussed the impact the broken leg had on her life

Now to meet our second star of this blog. Meet Alexandra. In 2007, Alexandra was living in Rhode Island and was involved in a protest. The protest, organized by a sketchy union called the Industrial Workers of the World, was targeted at a small Chinese restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island. The owner of the restaurant had unknowingly bought rice from a New York based company that discriminated against workers. Thus, 30 or so protesters showed up on a sunny Saturday to raise some hell.

Alexandra a few days before she broke her leg

Alexandra, wearing an upside down metal bucket on her head (I am not making this up) protested loudly and aggressively. She banged drum sticks on her bucket while she ran at the poorly equipped and trained Providence Police Department sent to make sure the poor Chinese restaurant owner wasn't harmed.

What happened next isn't exactly clear. The police claim, that Alexandra, unable to see where she was going with the bucket over her head tripped on a tree stump. Fellow protesters claim that police forced poor Alexandra to the ground.

One of my favorite all time pain pictures. Alexandra being carted off by paramedics. Leg broken, toes exposed, and still pissed as shit about what the police did to her. God I love red heads

What is known is that Alexandra's left leg was badly broken just below the knee. She underwent 4 surgeries to save the leg. In a twist of fate, Alexandra was initially convicted of assaulting three police officers with the drum sticks she used to bang on the bucket that covered her head. A year later, the conviction was over turned.

Alexandra in court at an early hearing

Today, Alexandra is still in high protest mode. She currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her brother Nick. She and Nick were involved lat year in a protest against a grocery store chain that bought product harvested by migrant workers.

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