British Socialite Breaks a Leg

Lucy comes from a well to do British family. As a child, she went to private school and wore one of the cute British School Girl uniforms re-pleat with a white shirt, plaid skirt, knee socks, and tie.

Lucy In Cancun Mexico, 2017

Her parents have an estate north of London. While in high school and university, Lucy's parents encouraged her to travel extensively. In the last two years, Lucy has been in Singapore, Las Vegas, Dublin, Dubai, Paris, Rome, Bali, and New York. Not bad for a 24 year old woman with an entry level accounting degree.

Lucy in Rome, 2018

In early October of 2016, Lucy had a little accident. She was on her way home to her flat in Halifax, West Yorkshire. In the local train station, Lucy took a tumble on the stairs during rush hour. She broke her tibia and was almost trampled to death by hundreds of Halifax residents rushing to get home. Two station guards, dragged poor Lucy - broken leg and all - to a safe spot in an abandoned corridor.

She was rushed by ambulance to nearby Calderdale Royal Hospital. There, X-rays revealed an impressive spiral fracture of the tibia. Although not fully displaced, the fracture was unstable and Lucy was told that surgery may eventually be needed to stabilize the break.

Lucy just prior to having her full leg cast applied. This is the only picture of a non-smiling Lucy I could find in all of her social media sites. Her leg has been wrapped in padding and the orthopedic surgeon is on his way to 'properly position' her broken leg

Lucy, leg now set properly in her hospital room. Lucy was wearing a pajama top when she broke her leg. The top reads 'All I want for Christmas is EWE' with a picture of a sheep on her stomach

Because of the instability of the break, Lucy spent the night in the hospital. She returned two days later to have another x-ray of the leg taken.

Lucy giving the thumbs up sign two days after the injury. The bones are still in alignment

Lucy spent a total of 8 weeks in the full leg cast. Three weeks after the full leg cast was applied, the foot of her cast was replaced with blue fiberglass and increased padding because of skin irritation.

While the Americans reading this Blog were celebrating Thanksgiving day in 2016, Lucy finally got her cast changed. She was placed in a below the knee cast which she would wear for another four weeks.

Lucy's green cast highlights her long, elegant toes. She chose green because it was approaching Christmas time

Three days before Christmas, Lucy's short leg cast was removed. Lucy refused the recommended walking boot as the holiday social season was in full swing.

Emerging from the hospital December 22 cast free. Lucy refused to be placed in a walking boot.

Lucy New Year's Eve 2016 at the Marriott Leeds. The socialite was six days out of her leg cast and wearing high heels - although gingerly

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