Broken Legs & (American) Football

While breaking your leg may not be fun, scoring cast signatures from cheerleaders can be.

One of the most devastating injuries a football player can suffer is a broken leg. With the game being played at an increasing speed and intensity across all levels, the risk and occurrence of severe injuries such as leg fractures has shot up, as the player below can attest to.

Pain and frustration is apparent in this player's body language after suffering a broken tib/fib.

A blow to the shin from an opponent's helmet, an awkward twist of the leg a during a block, getting stuck at the bottom of a goal line pileup, and more are all common football accidents that can result in a lower leg fracture. Shins are especially vulnerable in football, as no padding is present to protect them.

One has to wonder what's going through this player's head. He sits in the back of a cart, staring down at his broken leg in an air splint. A coach and a trainer watch over him as they wait for an ambulance.

He doesn't seem to mind the ER or his hospital garb as he waits to get x-rayed.

His view of his splinted leg. Notice his right hand gripping the railing of his stretcher.

His x-ray shows a clear break of his tibia and fibula.

Relief must be flooding through his leg as he's finally received a proper splint and is wheeled off to his own hospital room for the night. He's even scrolling through his phone.

This player had a similar experience. He too doesn't seem to mind the ER.

Here he is getting his cast applied a few days later. He described it as "not a fun experience".

However, even a broken leg couldn't keep him out of the weight room.

This player snapped his tib/fib during the first friday game of the season.

Here he is the following Monday, freshly casted.

His cast filled up with signatures within a few days. Seems he found some sympathy from a few girls as well.

This player suffered a nasty tib/fib break that required significant manual reduction, as shown in his x-rays.

Here he is getting the lower portion of his LLC applied. The sensation in his leg must be incredible - the warmth from his freshly applied cast mixed with the pain and blissful feeling of support that the cast is finally giving his broken leg.

A poignant moment as he gazes out the window while waiting for the bottom portion of his LLC to set.

He looks on attentively as the top of his cast is finished.

Finally, his cast is bivalved down both sides to accommodate swelling.

The player below described his broken leg as follows: “I planted my right foot and the cornerback put his helmet right between my foot and my knee and my leg just snapped.” He spent 6 weeks recovering in a white full leg cast.

Players grimly look on as trainers attend to a teammate who's suffered a broken leg.

Luckily, he scored a big white cast for his troubles.

I've always loved these next two photos. A broken tibia landed this player in a huge, heavily padded full leg splint. The severity of his break is marked by the strap that holds his splint to a pad atop his wheelchair.

Here he is a couple days later at an Orthopedic Surgeon's office. His splint has just been cut off and his broken leg is exposed. He seems to be upbeat as he waits to get casted. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find pics of his cast.

The player below tried to catch a pass in the endzone for a touchdown. Unfortunately, all he received has a broken tib/fib. Here he is getting his LLC cut off.

...And subsequently replaced by a smaller LLC.

Here are the consequences of laying it all down for your team.

And here's the final product. Wonder if he's just snapped a pic from his point of view and posted it to his snapchat.

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