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Brooklyn Breaks a Leg

For 18 years on this earth, Brook never broke a bone. She watched fascinated as her 13 year old brother, Max, broke his left leg 4 times. Brook was curious about what a broken bone was like and openly said she wanted to be placed in a cast some day.

In March of this year, Brook got her chance!

I am not sure of the icing strategy here. Brook's ankle was dislocated and she broke her tibia and fibula near the joint.

Never a good sign when the ankle sags when lifted. Brook's softball shoes were virtually new when she blew up her ankle in her second practice

After playing basketball and track and field for most of her life, Brook decided to try her hand at softball. The high school senior snapped her tibia and fibula in half sliding into second base. Three months prior to graduation, Brook was carried by her teammates to mom's car where she was whisked off to the emergency room.

On the day of the injury, Brook was placed in an incredibly flimsy splint after a 20 reduction session

Fortunately, the waiting room was not crowded and Brook was treated to an 'unbelievably painful' ankle relocation session. After 20 minutes of pulling and twisting, Brook's ankle was 'more of less' in the correct anatomical position.

In the ER, Brook was warned that she would probably need surgery on the ankle.

Picture taken at the orthopedic surgeons office. This is why woman need weekly pedicures

The next day, Brook's mother took her to see an orthopedic surgeon. Brook received good news and bad news. The bad news first - she would need surgery to properly reduce her fractures. The good news - she would finally get the cast she had been wanting since brother Max first broke his let at the age of 8.

Surgery took place one week after the break

Thumbs up after finally getting the cast she had wanted all her life

Two weeks after surgery, Brook's stitches were removed and she was given a stylish black cast. She endured going to her senior prom with her cast and crutches.

Nothing like a cast to make you conscious of how your nails appear. They look pretty good in this picture

Brook is a native of Ohio. She is attending Zane College this semester. Here she is shown on class selection day at Zane

Brother Max holds Brook's train as she heads off to prom.

After five weeks, Brook progressed to a walking boot. By graduation day in June, Brook was walking boot free.

Brook's walking boot which she wore for 4 weeks

Brook riding on brother Max's back two weeks ago. Poor Max broke his left leg 4 times. In 2018, he spent 14 weeks in a full leg cast after a wrestling injury snapped his tibia in half. Brook said she loved seeing Max helpless in his cast and tickled his toes daily.

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