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Carlye - A Love Story

Updated: May 23, 2019

Carlye is a 24 year old artist, musician, and writer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. In 2013, Carlye was a senior in high school and played soccer for her high school in Chicago, IL. During a game, Carlye suffered a non-contact fracture of her upper tibia in a soccer game. The injury resulted in Carlye spending eight weeks in a pink full leg cast.

Carlye claims this was the moment her right leg broke. An unusual non-contact injury.

Carlye on graduation day playing the guitar. She has the pink cast on her leg. Note the way Carlye stares at the vocalist. The vocalist plays a huge role later in our story

After eight weeks, Carlye graduated to a knee brace . She wore the brace for 4 weeks and was fully recovered from the injury by mid summer.

Boyish looking Carlye wearing her leg brace

In early fall, Carlye's leg was strong enough to undertake a 12 day camping adventure. She almost 2 weeks in a remote area. Near the end of the camping adventure, Carlye took a picture of her feet to illustrate what 12 days without a shower does to the human body. The two other pair of feet in the photo belong to fellow campers who had already showered.

Those dirty toes protruded from a full leg cast earlier in the year

Flash forward 6 years. Carlye moved to New York City last year to follow the love of her life who is named Sammie. Carlye is a gorgeous and intelligent woman. She pieces together enough money to pay for an apartment working as a Barista at a New York coffee house and as an administrative assistant. She is writing a novel and plays keyboard and guitar in small NYC clubs.

Last year, Carlye came out to the world on her social media accounts. She announced her engagement to her lover Sammie. The two celebrated the occasion with a tasteful nude photo shoot reminiscent of John and Yoko Lennon photo shots from the 70's.

Sammie (Left) and Carlye (Right) enjoy a playful photo shoot

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