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Chapter 17 - Cindy Nelson

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The fair maiden Darcy

Chapter 17 – Darcy Gets Set

After some effort, we got the beautiful Darcy out of the Renaissance Faire and into the cargo bay of my Jeep. 30 minutes later, we were in treatment room 4 at Denver General Orthopedic Hospital.

Dr. Amy Green was examining the x-ray set of Darcy’s leg on her tablet. Jack Reed sat in the corner of the room his broken leg propped on a trash can. Darcy, now naked and still asleep, snored peacefully on the examining table. The woman was gorgeous. Firm breasts. Long, braided hair. Slim hips and long, athletic legs.

Willow, the Faire page who aided and abetted in getting Darcy drunk, stayed behind. We promised to call often with updates.

Darcy’s toes were magnificent. The nails were metallic blue with little roses imprinted on each toe. Ornate toe rings adorned the middle toe of each foot.

“Well, the leg is clearly broken.” Amy said turning off the viewer. “Her tibia is broken at mid shaft and the fibula is broken near the knee.” Amy turned off the tablet. “Whatever quack tried to set the leg had no idea what he was doing.”

“Surgery?” I asked.

“Maybe.” Replied Amy. “But I think there is a good chance we can reduce the break manually.”

Amy examined Darcy’s leg closely. She felt along the length of Darcy’s shin. “Looks like this not her first break.” Amy said pointing to a pair of traction pin scars on each leg just above the knee.

I nodded. “She said this is the seventh time she has broken a leg.”

“Very impressive.” Amy said wrinkling her nose. “It smells like a distillery in here. I assume she has been drinking?”

“Big time.” I replied. “She was in a lot of pain while we were at the Faire. I should have insisted we go to a hospital before she passed out.”

“No harm done.” Amy said. “Let’s slide her to the side of the examining table.” I helped Dr. Green slide the naked Darcy to the side of the table. Amy let Darcy’s broken leg hang over the side of the table. I slid a length of stockinette over Darcy’s pale leg while Amy rummaged around in a drawer. She emerged with a 10 pound weight attached to an ankle hitch.

“This would hurt like the dickens if she was awake.” Amy said attaching the hitch to Darcy’s stockinette clad ankle. But since she’s been drinking, we can’t drug her. Best to do it while she’s asleep.”

What followed was something from the Pulp Fiction Mia gets an Adrenalin shot to the heart scene.

Amy passed the weight to me. “Drop the weight when I tell you.” Amy said. She began to move her fingers along Darcy’s shattered shin. “When you drop the weight, I’ll twist her leg into position. Hopefully, the whole process will be over in a few seconds.”

“One, two,…” Amy began the count down. I prepared to drop the weight. “Three!!” Amy said loudly. I dropped the weight and I watched as Amy began twisting the still lifeless Darcy’s leg.

Seconds later, Darcy screamed and abruptly sat up. Her face was pale and her eyes shallow and rimmed with circles. The effect of pain, shock, and alcohol made the beautiful woman resemble a zombie. Darcy stared at the strange woman who was on the floor pulling and twisting her broken leg. She had a confused look on her face. Then she screamed again. The scream was animal like and petrifying.

I rose and virtually tackled Darcy back onto the examining table. The naked Darcy continued screaming. Her upper body squirmed. This continued for 30 seconds or so. I felt Darcy’s firm breasts pressing against mine while the screams continued unmitigated and seemed to get louder.

Finally, Amy Green said “I got it!” And the screaming abruptly stopped.

Darcy was once again asleep. Doctor Amy Green rose from the floor with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Boy that was a tough one.” Amy said as we carefully re-positioned Darcy and lifted Darcy’s broken leg onto the examining table.

I left the examining room to give Willow an update on Darcy’s condition. When I returned 10 minutes later, things had improved considerably.

Darcy was now wearing a hospital gown. Darcy’s color had returned and she had a look of contentment on her face.

Helen Sims, one of the older nurses in the practice, was holding Darcy’s leg in the air while Amy wrapped padding around the woman’s leg.

“So except for the headache, how do you feel?” Amy asked Darcy.

Darcy, propped on her elbows watching the casting process, smiled. “The leg feels great, Doc. Thanks so much so setting it properly.” I stepped to the cast cart, opened a package of fiberglass cast tape, and dropped it into a pail of water. When Amy was done applying the padding, I squeezed the roll and handed it to Amy.

Darcy continued. “Doc tries his best to take care of everyone in the Faire. But I don’t think he’s a real medical doctor.”

The casting continued. The fiberglass bandages were worked up Darcy’s shapely leg. Darcy had chosen wine colored bandages. I thought this to be a sophisticated color. The stockinette was rolled down at the ends of Darcy’s cast and finished with a few wraps of fiberglass.

Darcy stared proudly at her finished cast. Darcy’s long toes hung from the end of the cast. The metallic blue nail polish contrasted nicely with the wine colored cast.

Amy carefully pulled the ornate toe ring from Darcy’s middle toe. “Toe rings and swollen toes don’t mix well.” She handed the ring to Darcy. “I want you to ice as soon as you get home and keep this thing elevated at all times. And I want you back next week for an x-ray and possible cast change.”

Darcy suddenly had a worried look on her face. “I don’t have insurance. I have some money but I’m not sure I can afford an x-ray. Much less everything you’ve done for me today.” Darcy now sitting up rubbed the thigh of her cast idly.

Amy smiled and squeezed Darcy’s toes playfully. “No worries.” She said. “As long as we don’t have to pay an anesthesiologist, the real costs are minimal. We’ll treat this session as a training event.”

Darcy smiled. “Oh god, Doc. I can’t thank you enough.”

Amy returned the smile. “Any friend of Cindy is a friend of mine.”

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