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Chapter 19 - Cindy Nelson (Why Danielle wishes she skipped 3rd grade)

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The real life Danielle. The woman managed to break her leg twice and arm once in the same school year. Notice the impressive scar just below her left knee.

Chapter Nineteen – Danielle’s Scar

That evening, I met Jack at the Marriott lobby bar for a drink.

We took a table near the bar. Our server friend Robbie was not working in the bar tonight. Our waitress was a cute woman in her mid 20’s. She had a nice figure. Light brown hair with bright eyes. White blouse. Tan shorts. Long legs that ended in sandal clad feet. I had long ago learned that sandal clad feet in the middle of winter were acceptable in Denver. The woman’s toes were flawless. Long and elegant. No imperfections. Her toes were painted a bright blue with white stencils. The name tag on the woman’s blouse read ‘Danielle.’

Jack, of course, had a hard time dragging his gaze from the woman’s tootsies.

We ordered two Chardonnays and discussed each other’s day. Danielle returned minutes later with our drinks. Once again, Jack had a hard time pulling his eyes from her stunning feet.

“Admiring my scar?” she asked Jack while placing our drinks on the table. I examined Danielle’s shapely legs once more. Below the woman’s left knee was a prominent 3” long scar.

Jack suddenly reddened and went into recovery mode. “Oh. Umm. Sorry. Was I that obvious? I normally don’t’ ogle other people’s injuries.”

“No worries.” Danielle said placing a bowl of snacks between us. “It is a pretty gruesome scar. And I get stares all the time.” Danielle realized for the first time that Jack was in a full leg cast.

“Oh my god.” She said. “What happened to your leg?”

Jack proudly recounted the story of his fall down the steps of his law firm and his subsequent treatment by Amy Green and me.

Danielle was impressed by the size of the cast. She admired Jack’s assorted cast signatures, promised to return shortly, and departed to serve other guests.

Jack and I discussed our plans for weekend which included a trip to a Denver brewery and a Saturday night baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and the Yankees.

As we finished our first glasses of wine, Danielle returned. The woman was carrying a bottle of Chardonnay and an empty glass.

“Do you guys mind if I join you?” She asked taking a seat next to me and filling our three wine glasses. She kicked off her sandals and placed those magnificent feet next on a chair next to Jack. Jack’s casted foot rested on a chair between Danielle and me.

“I just got off work.” She nodded toward a tall male server who was now behind the bar.

“Tommy’s on duty. He has a cock as big as ski pole. But he’s dumb as a brick.” Jack and I both stared at Tommy who was chatting earnestly with a blonde business woman. I wondered briefly how her night was going to play out.

We made introductions. Danielle came from a small town in South Carolina. She moved to Denver two years ago and lived in an apartment north of town.

“So, you want the story about the scar?” Danielle asked with an almost devilish smile on her face. “Most people do although they are too shy to admit it.”

“Sure.” I relied taking a sip of my wine and looking once again at Danielle’s impressive scar.

“Well. I’m actually going to tell you a story about my 3rd grade year. It was the lousiest year of my life. “

Danielle was a gifted story teller. She talked in a relaxed, friendly manner. “It was in October of 3rd grade. I was maybe 9 or 10 years old. I was at my Aunt Marie’s house on a Saturday. I was really close with my cousin Amanda who was my age and her little brother Ed. Aunt Marie lived in the country and had a 4-wheeler we loved to ride. I was on my second ride of the day when I somehow flipped the 4-wheeler. It landed on my leg.”

Involuntarily, Danielle extended her scar laden leg. Both Jack and I stared at the leg.

“The 4-wheeler crushed my leg and I was trapped underneath it. Aunt Marie and Uncle Tom heard me screaming and got the damned thing off me. We all freaked when we saw the leg. My tibia had come through the skin and blood was kind of squirting out of the wound.”

This statement caused all of us to take a swig of wine. “Did your aunt and uncle call an ambulance?” I asked.

“Oh no.” Danielle said. “We lived in a town in South Carolina called Cowpens. I’m not sure the town even had an ambulance. The nearest hospital was 45 minutes away. Uncle Tom decided he would drive me to the hospital.”

We were all staring at Danielle’s scar now.

“Unfortunately, Uncle Tom and Aunt Marie were pretty heavy drinkers. For them, breakfast included a few shots of bourbon in the coffee cup. By noon, both were completely in the bag. The concept of splinting a broken leg before moving the accident victim would not be front of mind. Aunt Marie wrapped my leg in a towel and Uncle Tom carried me to his car. With every step he took, my leg flopped around, and I could feel the bone tearing my skin. He put me in the bed of his pickup truck. The road to the hospital was bumpy. Every time Uncle Tom hit a bump, my leg would fly into the air. I would feel more skin tear and I would scream. It was pretty gruesome. I ended up spending 2 months in the hospital.”

“Why so long?” Jack asked.

“It was apparently a bad break.” Danielle replied “I was pretty drugged up most of the time. I remember them stripping me naked in the ER and drilling this metal pin through my heel. Then they took me to a hospital room and hung my leg in the air with ropes and weights. Hurt like hell when they drilled the pin and then added the weights.”

Danielle extended her bare foot and leg into the air illustrating the position of her leg while in traction. People in the bar were noticing us. More wine was consumed with the vision of Danielle in traction. Jack was beginning to sweat.

“That’s called a Steinmann pin.” I told Danielle. “Its used to hold the traction harness. And the weights are supposed to bring the broken bones into alignment.”

Danielle pondered this. “Well it took its sweet time to work. I was in that contraption for two months. Had to use a bedpan for the entire time. Aunt Marie visited every day. My mom was a drug addict and wasn’t around much.”

“How did you pass the time?” Jack asked staring once again at Danielle gorgeous feet.

“Oh, I colored and read and watched TV. This was probably a year or two before the iPhone was introduced. So, I couldn’t play video games.

Tommy, the male bar server with the cock like a ski pole brought us another bottle of wine. We toasted all around. Danielle continued her story.

“So anyway, after two months, they take me out of traction and I have an operation. Aunt Marie told me they put in some pins. All I know is that you can feel something weird under the scar that doesn’t feel like bone.” Danielle took Jack’s hand. “Here feel. See what I mean.”

Jack cautiously probed Danielle’s scar. “You’re right.” He said. “It feels like something pointy.”

Without warning, Danielle took Jack’s casted foot which rested on a chair next to her and placed it in her lap. “A week after surgery, they put me in a full leg cast. Just like the one you have.”

Danielle examined Jack’s long toes. She let her fingers rest on them idly. Danielle moved her left foot into Jack’s lap. She pointed at her flawless toes.

“The cast was white and started at the base of my toes.” Danielle simultaneously wiggled her toes for effect and squeezed Jack’s big toe. Jack’s face was now bright red and sweat poured from his brow.

Danielle raised the left leg of her tan shorts revealing a pantie less upper leg and a patch of light brown hair. The cast went all the way up my leg. Thank god I hadn’t hit puberty yet. The pubic hair would have been horribly itchy under that cast.”

As we took another pull on our wine glasses, I noticed that Jack’s hand was shaking.

“I had to wear that damned cast for 6 weeks.” Danielle said. “It snowed on Christmas day that year. All my friends were out sledding and building snow men. I was inside helping Aunt Marie make Christmas cookies while she got crocked on egg nog.”

The toes wiggled once more in Jack’s lap. And Danielle squeezed the big toe of Jack’s casted foot again. Jack was now slumped in his chair drenched in sweat.

Danielle drained her wine glass. “I got the cast off in late January. And you won’t believe what happened the day after that. I ended up in a spica cast for six months.”

Jack’s eyes were now shut. Although Danielle’s story telling was only beginning, I knew something had to be done before Jack had a total meltdown. I looked for Tommy the server with the cock like a ski pole and called for our check.


Fortunately, the Marriott had a vacancy. I checked us into room 415. 10 minutes later, the three of use were naked in bed. After a violent round of orgy like sexual climaxing during which Jack,

Danielle, and I came at least twice, things calmed down.

Danielle, the cute bar server was now bouncing lightly on Jack’s massive cock. Her gorgeous feet were pressed against Jack’s cheeks. I laid next to Jack watching the show. Danielle’s right index finger was pressed into my clit and she moved the slender finger with expert skill.

“So, let me tell you the next part of my story.” Danielle said continuing to bounce on Jack’s cock. The woman’s breasts were firm and her abs tight. Danielle expertly pushed her left big toe into Jack’s mouth.

“They cut my cast off on a Tuesday in late January. God that was great. I went to Aunt Marie’s and took a long bath. My cousin Amanda put lotion on my leg. I was supposed to wear a knee and ankle brace until I was able to move my knee and ankle joints without pain. I thought I would be back to riding 4 wheelers in a few months.”

I began to play with Danielle’s right nipple. She continued her assault on my clit.

“I go to school the next day. I am still on crutches. My knee hurts like hell since it hasn’t moved in 4 months. I am wearing jeans for the first time since September. I have a tennis shoes and socks on my feet. And we have gym class. Of course, I can’t participate.” Danielle encouraged Jack. “Ok, let’s try the next toe. That one is getting water logged. They’re all tasty.” Jack began sucking Danielle’s second toe.

Danielle continued. “So, to amuse myself, I find four empty water bottles. Someone had left them on the gym bleachers There are about 100 kids running around on the basketball court. And I decide to show off my juggling skills. Perched on crutches, I start to juggle the water bottles. Ordinarily, I’m a decent juggler. But the crutches made it a different show. One of the bottles went out of control and I reached back to grab it.”

Danielle took my hand and put it on her left thigh. “I went down with the crutches and my leg behind me. I felt a snap in my thigh and hear a loud snapping sound. The gym teacher said it sounded like someone had shot a gun in the gym.”

Danielle paused her story. ‘Next toe.” She announced to Jack. Jack dutifully began nibbling on Danielle’s middle toe.

“The pain was all consuming. Words can’t describe it. Fortunately, someone called an ambulance, so I wasn’t subjected to another ride in the back of a pick-up truck. When the medics got there, they essentially stripped me naked so they could see the extent of the injury. My thigh was broken at mid shaft. And the bone end was apparently close to coming through the skin. The gym teacher has moved all of the gym class to the bleachers. There was no other place to put them. It was 5 degrees outside, and all the classrooms were filled until period change. So, 100 3rd graders got a lesson in female anatomy at the expense of me!”

Suddenly, Danielle closed her eyes and made a small noise. “Shit I just came again.” The woman said disgorging herself from Jack’s pulsating cock. She removed her hand from my clit. I was dripping wet. “Take over.” She said. “Jack’s cast gets me so hot.”

We exchanged places. I lowered myself onto Jack’s fully erect cock and felt his fullness inside of me. Danielle sat Indian style on the bed next to Jack and me.

Danielle continued. “The medics did their thing. They splinted my leg and got me to the hospital. In the ER, I got another pin drilled into my leg; this one just above the knee.” Danielle pointed to a small scar on the inside of her thigh. Twenty-seven days in traction this time.”

Jack appeared close to cumming. “I remember the day before I got out of traction, this group of clowns showed up in my hospital. I was absolutely terrified of clowns. Apparently, the circus was in town and they were going to kid’s hospital rooms trying to cheer them. After spending the better part of 3rd grade in a hospital bed, the last thing I needed was a visit from a group of dumb ass clowns.”

Danielle reached out and fondled my right nipple.

I was shaking, close to cumming. Jack was sweating profusely.

“The next day, they knock me out in my hospital room. I knew they were going to put me into a cast after my traction pin was removed. But nothing could have prepared me for a spica cast. The damned thing went from my armpits to the toes of my broken leg. And the knee of my good leg. I spent three months in that damned thing.”

I screamed slightly as Jack erupted inside of me. Simultaneously, I orgasmed and collapsed on the bed. Within minutes, the three of us were asleep in a tangle of arms and legs.

Authors Note:

Today, Danielle is 22 years old and an unmarried mother of two. She lives in Cowpens, SC which is about an hour south of Charlotte. Her boyfriend is a self described 'Dick' who has no intention of ever marrying her.

I first came across Danielle, when the following picture appeared in the Charlotte Observer newspaper in 2005 or so. A few years later, I made it a point of connecting with Danielle via social media and via phone.

Danielle did in fact break her left leg twice in the same year. The cause of the breaks, severity, and treatment are accurately described in the above story. To make Danielle an even more empathetic character, she also broke her right arm the summer before 3rd grade. She and her cousin Amanda were in a tree together and a branch broke. Cousin Amanda broke her ankle. Danielle snapped both bones in her forearm. Aunt Marie drove the girls to the ER. Danielle was in a full arm cast for 6 weeks.

This picture was taken when Danielle was a Sophomore in High School. If you look closely, you can see the traction pin scar just above Danielle's left knee.

Girls in Cowpens, SC apparently have kids at a young age. Aunt Marie, who is a real life character, had her daughter Amanda when she was 14. Danielle had her first daughter when she was 16. So it is not a big surprise that Aunt Marie and Danielle look like they could be sisters. The picture below was taken during Danielle's second pregnancy. Danielle was probably 18 when the picture was taken, Aunt Marie was early 30's.

Aunt Marie and Danielle during Danielle's second pregnancy

When she is not busy having babies, Danielle does her best to make a living. She has worked retail and been a manager at a McDonald's. However, her favorite job is as a nail technician.

Yes. There are actually Danielle's feet. She painted the nails herself. You can see the scar from the 4 wheeler accident just below her left knee

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