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Cheerleader Gets A Break

In general, I am not a fan of cheerleaders. They tend to be self absorbed small women who focus far too much on physical appearance and far to little on mental capability.

I am going to give cheerleader Alayna a break - literally.

In 2015, Alayna and her cheer leading squad were competing in the US All Star Federation World Championship in Orlando. At the time, Alayna was 16. The poor girl landed poorly after a flip and she snapped both bones in her lower leg.

Remarkably, the entire scene was captured on video and posted to YouTube.

The fact that Alayna tries to walk on a leg that is obviously mutilated gives testament to the girl's total devotion to the cheer leading sport.

Fortunately for Alayna, the competition was held at the ESPN facility in Orlando. Professional medical assistance was on site in abundance. Alayna was whisked away to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Alayna in the emergency room. Only a cheer leader could smile in a situation like this

At the Medical Center, Alayna's leg was set under conscious sedation. She was placed in a full leg soft cast. During her three day stay in the hospital, she was visited by family and her cheer leading team.

Alayna the day of her injury with family

Alayna - elbows resting on the table - is shown here with her cheer team mates. You can see the vixen's soft splint on the bed.

Upon returning to her home in Ohio, Alayna visited her the team's orthopedic specialist. Alayna was placed in a sporty full leg purple cast.

Safely back home in Ohio, Alayna and her team mates proudly march forward with medals displayed

For a woman who tried to walk on a leg that was horribly mutilated, practice time in a full leg cast requires little effort

Alayna and her mom on Mother's Day

Although Alayna's doctor was concerned about non union of her shattered tibia, Alayna was eventually placed in a short leg cast. She wore this cast for several weeks.

Before and after photos. X-rays of Alayna's leg the day of the injury and when the full leg cast was replaced with the shorter cast. Things don't look too well aligned

Alayna in her below the knee cast. How would you like to have a pool party with that group of cheer leaders?

After four months in casts, it became apparent that Alayna's bones were not knitting as they should. Surgery was performed to stabilize Alayna's tibia and fibula.

Alayna waiting for surgery after four months in casts

Near the end of her journey. Alayna finally in a walking boot

Today, Alayna has made a remarkable recovery. She earned a cheer leading scholarship to Eastern Michigan University.

Alayna achieved her childhood dream of cheering in college

In spite of one of the most horrific leg injuries ever captured on video, Alayna is living her child hood dream.

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