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Cindy Nelson Chapter 20 - Cast Change Day

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The is Miriam in real life. She broke her right leg as a child in a fall from a tree house

Chapter Twenty – Cast Change Day

Danielle departed the hotel room sometime during the night. I was awakened by a knock on the hotel room door as sunlight began to flood through the closed hotel room blinds.

“Room Service!” A female voice echoed from outside the door. I padded naked toward the door wondering when Jack or I had placed a room service order. I looked through the peephole and saw Robbie our friend who was a server at the Marriott. She had a huge smile on her face. I opened the door and Robbie charged through.

“I heard there was a party up here.” She said shucking clothes right and left. By the time Robbie reached the door to the bedroom, the cute woman was naked except for the light blue walking cast she wore on her right leg.

“Where’s Jack.” The woman asked. “I’ve been thinking about his cast all night.”

Jack, of course, was asleep in bed having cum at least 12 times during the night. Jack snored lightly as the gorgeous Robbie climbed into bed. Flexible as a gymnast, Robbie lowered her wet blond muff onto Jack’s face. Jack’s eyes opened with surprised look and the snoring stopped. I was momentarily afraid the poor guy may suffocate.

“Lick.” Robbie commanded. “Get that tongue of yours in gear.”

Robbie moaned as Jack’s strong tongue went into assault mode. Robbie rewarded Jack by placing her feet on Jack’s now pulsating cock. I slid into bed not wanting to miss the show.

Robbie was now sweating. Her bare right foot was long and elegant. Her toes were painted silver. Robbie’s left foot was encased in the light blue toe to knee cast. The cast had been applied by Dr. Amy Green two weeks prior and was worn and slightly dirty. Robbie wore ornate silver toe rings on the middle toe of each foot.

I reached out and began to massage Robbie’s nipple. Robbie smiled slightly. Suddenly she produced a blue vibrator in her right hand. Robbie and her sister Denise had a wonderful ability to make sex toys appear from nowhere. Seductively, Robbie inserted the vibrator in her mouth to moisten it. She winked at me then slid the infernal device inside my already moist cunt.

The intensity of the vibrator was totally unexpected. I muffled a small scream as Robbie pushed the vibrator inside me. I lay on my back and arched my shoulders. I tried desperately to delay my climax, but I was fighting an uphill battle.

Robbie came first. She emitted a violent noise, shuddered, and rolled unexpectantly on top of me. Robbie’s knee inadvertently pushed the vibrator deeper inside me and I climaxed with a scream also.

Jack was the last of our debaucherous trio to cum. He exploded sending a stream of warm cum three feet into the air. I pitied the poor maid who was going to have to clean up this hotel room


As luck would have it, Jack was scheduled to have his cast changed that afternoon. I drove the gimp to the Denver Orthopedic clinic a little after 2:00 PM. Jack’s assistant, a stunning blondish brunette named Miriam met us at the clinic. As a child, Miriam had broken her leg falling out of tree house. Now, 20 years later, she was having problems with the leg.

The irony was that the 12-year-old Miriam had been playing doctor, nurse, and patient in the treehouse when the treehouse collapsed. The ‘nurse’ had been none other than a 12-year-old Dr. Amy Green. The ‘doctor’ was Amy’s 13-year old brother. All three children were naked when the treehouse collapsed.

When we arrived at the clinic, Trish Roberts took charge of Jack’s cast change. Trish is a notorious nymphomaniac. Trish pushed Jack’s wheelchair into examining room three where she introduced Jack to a group of young nursing who were observing Trish’s practice of medicine for the day. As I was leaving the examining room, I heard Trish order poor Jack to strip. I knew Jack was going to be in for a long couple of hours.

In examining room 6, Miriam and Dr. Green were catching up on the almost 20 years since they had seen each other. The women had obviously been close as children. The fact that the two had been naked together in a treehouse at the ripe old age of 12 was testament to their friendship.

After a few minutes, Dr. Green turned her attention to Miriam’s leg. Miriam sat on the examining. She wore an elegant black suit. Her panty hose and expensive flats rested on the side table.

“What’s up with the leg?” Amy asked taking a seat on a low rolling chair and sliding toward her old friend.

“My leg was fine for years. Then about a year ago, I started having pain if I was on it too long. And if I move it the wrong way, it hurts like crazy.” Miriam pointed to a spot near the middle of her shapely shin. There were small scars on either side of the woman’s leg.

Amy took Miriam’s right leg in her hands. “Tell me what they did for your broken leg after the fall?” Amy was probing Miriam’s right leg gently.

“Well. Both bones in my lower leg snapped. The break was right at mid shaft. Right about there.” Miriam winced as Amy probed her shapely shin. “In the ER, they drilled a pin through my leg.”

Amy Green explored two circular scars on the outside of Miriam’s leg just above the ankle. “I spent 47 days in traction and then they put me in a full leg cast for nine months.”

Amy looked up. “Did you need surgery between the time in traction and the time in the cast?”

Miriam nodded her head. “Yes. They put me to sleep before they took the traction pin out. While I was out, they did something to my leg but I don’t really know what. I woke up in a soft splint. A week later they put me in that god-awful cast. But I really don’t know if there is hardware in my leg.”

Amy patted the top of Miriam’s handsome foot. “Well, we’re going to find out. Cindy’s going to take you down for an x-ray. When you get back, we’ll see what’s going on in there.”

Amy paused and took Miriam’s foot in her hand. The woman’s foot was long and elegant. Her toes were painted red and there was a prominent tattoo of a rose on the top of her foot.

“I remember these toes.” Amy said playfully. She gave Miriam’s toes a little squeeze. “It’s unimaginable but they are cuter now than they were when we were 12.”

Ignoring the sexual tension that was building in the room, I loaded Miriam into a wheelchair, and we headed for the radiology department. As we passed examining room three, I glanced through the partially open door. Jack was a naked on the examining table. A young, red headed nursing student had a blood pressure cuff wrapped around Jack’s enormous cock. She was dutifully taking Jack’s blood pressure under the watchful eye of Trish Roberts. I almost laughed out loud.

20 Minutes later, I was wheeling Miriam back to her examining room. Jack, now in a hospital gown and still wearing his full leg cast was being wheeled to x-rays by a perky blonde nursing student. Jack appeared semi-comatose. He was sweating and the lap of his hospital gown looked wet. The nursing student gave me a big smile and a wave as our wheelchairs passed each other. I suspected she was glad she had chosen nursing as her profession.

Amy Green was waiting for us in the examining room. Miriam’s x-rays were prominently displayed on the examining room viewing screen. Once Miriam was settled on the examining table, Amy explained the x-ray results. She had a serious look on her face.

“Well, the news isn’t that bad Miriam.” Amy pointed to Miriam’s leg which was displayed on the x-ray. “You broke your tibia and fibula at mid shaft during the fall when we were kids. They put plates on your tibia and fibula after you were out of traction. The plates look fine. But It looks like you’ve developed some small micro fractures at the bottom of each plate.”

Miriam looked concerned. “Will you have to operate?”

Amy turned off the overhead viewer. “Not this week.” She replied. “And maybe never. I want to get an MRI of the leg this week some time and run a bone density test. The small fractures could be caused by a dozen things. My suspicion is it’s time for us to take the hardware out of your leg. That would be an out patient surgery. No big deal.”

Miriam looked relieved.

“Now for the bad news.” Amy squeezed Miriam’s gorgeous toes lightly. “We need to make sure those small fractures don’t turn into big fractures.” Amy began making notes on her tablet. “I’m going to put you in a full leg cast until we get the MRI and tests done.”

Miriam stared glumly at her leg.

I started to prepare a cast cart. Amy looked up from her tablet. “Cindy. I’ve got this. Miriam and I still have some catching up to do.” Amy gave me a wink. I took that as my cue to leave the room.

I took a little time to get some paperwork done at the nurse’s station. From examining room six, I heard a great deal of laughter and an occasional scream. Thirty minutes later, Amy and Miriam emerged from the treatment room. Miriam was in a wheelchair being pushed by Amy who had a huge smile on her face. Amy’s leg was encased in a toe to thigh white fiberglass cast. Miriam’s hair was disheveled. Her blouse had three buttons unbuttoned.

Seconds later, Jack emerged from treatment room three. His wheelchair was pushed by Trish Roberts. There was no sign of the nursing students. Jack was dressed in his slacks and shirt. He was red and sweating heavily. His breathing was shallow, and his gaze not focused. Like Miriam, his leg was encased in a pristine toe to thigh white plaster cast.

I decided to put the two gimps in the back of my jeep Cherokee and take them back to my place to recover from their orthopedic clinic appointments.

Author's Note:

The character of Miriam exists in real life. She is now in her early 40's and lives in Charlotte, NC. She is an avid equestrian, battles alcoholism, and suffers from depression.

Miriam shown shortly after her daughter's death

Miriam's life has been difficult. Her husband committed suicide seven years ago after battling drug addiction for years. Miriam's 12 year old daughter died of a drug overdose two years ago.

In happier times. Miriam (right) shown with her daughter Nadia (Left) shortly before Nadia's death. Looks like the friend in the middle will be undergoing bunion surgery soon

Miriam's right leg was broken when she was 12 years old. She and a friend fell from a treehouse when the floor gave way. The friend was unhurt but Miriam suffered a nasty fracture of the lower leg.

Of course it would be too much to hope Miriam was actually naked at the time. She was wearing shorts, a t shirt, and barefoot.

After her daughter's death, Miriam turned to alcohol to dull her pain. She is shown here on the yacht of a millionaire playboy with other 'trophy' friends. Miriam is 3rd from the left

Miriam was placed in an air splint and taken by ambulance to a crowded emergency room. Because no examining rooms were available, Miriam's gurney was left in the corridor of the emergency department.

A young intern who looked no more than 16 years old took Miriam's grotesquely bent leg on as a challenge. He gave the leg several tugs and a twist or two. Miriam, who had received no pain killers 'screamed loud enough to wake the dead.' She said 'I had never been through anything like that.

Miriam had surgery later that night. Screws were placed in her leg and she was placed in a full leg plaster cast.

Miriam receiving an equestrian award several years ago

The following morning, a nurse noticed that there was blood on the outside of Miriam's pearly white cast prompting the first of seven cast changes. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of Miriam's casts.

Over the years, Miriam has done part time modeling. She also gives riding lessons to children and adults

Miriam fully recovered from the injury. And her life is looking up. She has been sober for two years, found God, and has a new boyfriend who seems like a keeper.

Miriam and her new boyfriend. She has finally found happiness

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