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Cindy Nelson Chapter 22 - Sam

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

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A playful Sam with her tongue stud. She is on husband number 3 at the age of 30. I think I know how she gets the interest of men

Chapter Twenty-Two – Sam

“McKenzie is actually the normal one in that family. Jourdan is the one you need to worry about.”

Robbie said taking a pull from the bong. Robbie and her sister Denise threw a party that evening. I was sitting in a hot top on the sister’s deck. Robbie was sitting next to me.

“What do you mean by normal?” I asked Robbie.

“You know normal.” Robbie replied. “She’s bisexual. Enjoys threesomes. She’s into S&M. Nothing weird. Tit torture, anal play, bondage. I’ve seen her do snuff play on a couple of occasions. She’s had sex with both parents. And she sleeps with her sister. But, heck, who hasn’t done that?”

I received the bong from Robbie. Normal in Robbie’s world took on new meanings. We were discussing the sexual proclivities of McKenzie and Jourdan; two sisters I had met earlier in the day. McKenzie, 21, was a veteran bone breaker. Her sister Jourdan was 15 and had suffered her first broken bone earlier in the day – an impressive spiral fracture of the leg.

“So, what’s the deal with Jourdan? She isn’t normal?”

Robbie paused before answering. I took a long draw on the bong. “She’s a biter.” Robbie finally replied.

“A biter?” I asked. “What does she bite?”

“During sex? Anything.” Robbie replied. “Ears. Toes. Tits. Labs.” Anything goes with that girl. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a great lay. But you better be ready to be stitched up after an hour with her.”

I paused thinking of the beautiful, 15-year Jourdan whose broken leg Amy Green set this

afternoon. She seemed like an all-American girl. Perfectly normal. Proves the adage you can’t judge a book by its cover.

“So how did you meet McKenzie and Jourdan?” I asked.

“At the Marriott.” Robbie replied. “McKenzie was a server there for a year. “She used to bring Jourdan around. Their parents are ski bums and McKenzie more or less raised her sister. So McKenzie, Jourdan, and I would go to parties after work and started sleeping together.”

My mind tried to work though McKenzie, Robbie, and an underage Jourdan at parties. I turned and looked at Robbie. Something about her seemed different.

“Hey. What happened to your leg cast?” Robbie had broken her leg in a fall at work several weeks earlier. When I last saw her, she was wearing a light blue walking cast. Robbie was a veteran bone breaker. She had broken her leg 14 times.

Robbie smiled and pulled her left foot from the frothy hot tub. “I took it off this morning. Denise actually took it off. Our cousin Sam is visiting. She had a cast on her arm, so we took her cast off also. Today is kind of like a ‘cast off’ party.”

“You must be a quick healer.” I took in Robbie’s shapely leg and foot. Her toes were painted a vibrant green. “What was that? Four weeks?”

“Something like that.” Robbie said wincing as she gingerly returned her foot to the water. It would not surprise me if Robbie showed up in the ER within 24 hours with a freshly re-broken ankle.

As if on cue, Denise slid into the water opposite us. A cute brunette with large eyes slid in next to Denise. The woman looked vaguely familiar.

“This is Sam.” Robbie said by way of introduction. “Sam is our cousin.”

Suddenly it came to me. This was Samantha the woman who had escorted her friend Hannah with the broken foot into the clinic last week.

Sam had broken her arm in a fall at work several weeks prior. She broke both the radius and ulna at mid shaft. The arm was set and casted by a playful Amy Green who insisted that Sam be shirtless throughout the casting process.

“Where’s your cast?” I asked Sam. Sam looked embarrassed. “Denise took it off this morning. It’s good as new.” Denise was now sucking heavily on the bong. I suspected Sam’s arm was anything but ‘good as new’. Her break was a serious one and 4 weeks in a cast would just begin the healing process.

“So, do you guys know each other?” Denise asked passing the bong to Sam.

At that moment, I felt something press into my lap. I looked down through the frothy water and saw a small foot with blue painted toes pressing against me. The toes wiggled. I looked up and saw Sam smiling at me.

I looked at Denise trying to ignore Sam’s foot in my lap. “Oh sure.” I replied beginning to sweat.

“Amy Green and I set Sam’s arm when she broke it a few weeks ago.

Denise looked at me suspiciously. “Sam told me about that. That nymphomaniac doctor friend of yours insisted that Sam take her shirt off for casting. You were involved in that?”

“One in the same.” I said smiling.

I felt a second foot slide into my lap. This one had red painted toes. Denise was now smiling. The red toes wiggled.

“Where’s Jack?” I asked. Denise has disappeared to her bedroom with my sometimes lover Jack Reed an hour earlier.

“Dead to the world.” Denise replied. “He came 6 times in an hour and then begged us to let him get some sleep.”

“His cast really turned me on.” Sam said offering me the bong. I declined. Jack had broken his leg five weeks ago and was in a full leg cast. My mind immediately formed a vision of Jack, naked in bed with Denise and Sam taking turns assaulting his over sized cock. “I have this thing for guys in full leg casts.”

Robbie turned to me. “We’ve always been close to Sam. We’re the same age and she grew up on the street behind us.”

“I was the first one in our family to break a bone.” Sam beamed proudly. “I fell off the monkey bars at school and broke my wrist. I think we were in 2nd grade.” Sam was now sucking on the bong again.

“Sam’s wrist was sick looking.” Denise said. “Her hand was bent backwards and you could see a bone pressing against the skin. The playground teacher started screaming when she saw Sam’s wrist. Robbie and I thought that was the neatest thing we had ever seen.”

Robbie decided to join the Cindy love fest. She placed her arm around my shoulders and slipped a finger under my bikini top.

“It was awesome.” Robbie said. “Denise and I got to go to the ER and watch Sam get her wrist set and casted. The doctor stuck a huge syringe in Sam’s wrist and started pulling and twisting on her hand. Every time she screamed, he hit the plunger to give her more pain meds. After 10 minutes of screaming and plunging, the doctor seemed to give up. He pulled out the syringe and snapped her wrist over his knee.”

“That hurt like shit.” Sam said wincing at the thought of the painful setting process. Her eyes were glassy. “But I was the first kid in the class to have a cast. Sam raised her right arm. It was long and slender. “The cast went from my hand to my armpit.”

Sam smiled and gave me a wave. Her big toe slid under my bikini brief. She gave me another smile and made an ‘I Love U’ gesture with her hands and silent mouth. The toe pushed deeper inside me and began to wiggle. I gasped. Denise followed suit. I now had two wiggling toes assaulting my clit.

Determined to take charge of the situation, I moved my foot toward Sam’s lap. Sam smiled. Grabbed my foot, pulled it out of the water, and began to suck my big toe. She and Denise continued her assault on my lap with their toes. Robbie was rubbing my nipple softly.

I was now sweating profusely. I closed my eyes and climaxed violently in the hot frothy water.

Author's Note:

Yes. Samantha does exist. She is a 30 year old mother of 2 - third on the way. She lives in rural area of Tennessee in the United States.

Sam in her mid teens. Her eyes have always amazed me

Growing up, Sam's family did not have much money. Her mother died when she was young from a drug overdose.

Sam at the age of 19 dressed up for a costume party

When Sam was 7, she broke her left wrist in a fall from a jungle gym. She was driven to a hospital by an Aunt. Sam loves telling the story of having her wrist set and casted in the ER. She was sitting up at the time and fully clothed. The doctor put three needles in her wrist and a nurse managed the injection of pain medications while the doctor manipulated things into place. Sam described the setting process as 'uncomfortable.' She did not scream or complain. She stared stoically at the doctor while he did the deed.

Sam again in her teens. The left arm was encased in a plaster cast for 8 weeks. This is one of the highlights of Sam's life

Sam was rewarded for her bravery with a full arm cast that 'went to her armpit." She wore the cast proudly for 8 weeks. The cast was not shortened or changed. Sam loves to talk about her cast. Everyone on her school class signed it. She was sent home with 'itch pills'. After some probing, it turns out these were Benadryl pills to reduce the skin itching under the cast. She put put things down the cast to scratch. When the cast was removed, the doctor found saltine crackers at the elbow of the cast. She was terrified of the cast saw when the cast was removed. And the doctor let young Sam keep the cast however it was lost at some point.

Modern Day Sam with her oldest child

Over the years, Sam has held a variety of minimum wage jobs. These include being a cashier at a Captain D's fast food restaurant and working as a housekeeper in a Holiday in Express. She is funny and bright. After 23 years, the wrist still bother's Sam. She claims it hurts constantly and wishes she had the money to see an orthopedic specialist and have the wrist re-set.

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