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Cindy Nelson Chapter 23 - Kirby

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

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Kirby is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a huge University of South Carolina fan.

Chapter 23 - Kirby

Jack had a Continuing Legal Education Seminar he had to attend on Monday. Lawyers in the United States need to take a certain number of training classes per year to retain their legal certification. The session was being held at the Broadmoor; a large resort in Colorado Springs, CO. The Broadmoor is a world-renowned resort with golf courses, ski trails, a spa, and over 10 restaurants. Colorado Springs is home to the US Air Force Academy and dozens of interesting outdoor activities. I decided to take a few days off to spend some time with Jack.

On Sunday afternoon, we drove from Denver to the Broadmoor in my Grand Cherokee. Jack rode in the back seat with his casted leg propped on a pillow. The trip took less than an hour. The weather was in the low 30’s and sunny. We arrived at the resort a little after 4:00 PM.

We were met as we pulled to a stop at the resort entrance by a cute 20 something bell hop.

Her name tag indicated her name was Kirby.

“Hi guys.” She said opening the driver door for me. “Welcome to the Broadmoor.” Kirby was a small woman. She was no more than 5’ tall and weighed no more than 100 pounds.

Her brown hair was short and mannish and her features sharp. She wore a green doorman’s uniform. Her feet were adorned in flip flops.

I opened the back door and started to extricate Jack from the backseat. Kirby, realizing that Jack’s leg was in a full leg cast, began to help.

“Wow. That’s a big cast. What happened to your leg?”

Jack relayed his story breaking his leg at work. He was now sitting on the edge of the back seat with his casted leg hanging down almost to the frozen ground.

“Let me get a wheelchair for you.” Kirby said. Without warning, she pulled a whistle from her pocket and blew loudly. Jack and I flinched and covered our ears.

“Need a wheelchair here.” She yelled. “Injured guest!”

Jack started to protest. “I’m fine. I can use crutches.”

Kirby ignored Jack. The whistle blew again. Kirby began to stop the incoming procession of

Sunday afternoon guest arrivals. The driver of a gray Mercedes that was next in line for the drop off area rolled down his window. He began to protest.

Kirby, her face angry, blew the whistle again. “You need to be patient sir. We have in injured guest here.”

I was now feeling a bit uncomfortable to be the center of attention. “Kirby.” I said. “Jack really is fine with crutches.”

Kirby, face now red and angry would have nothing of it. “No way are we letting a guest with a broken leg not have wheelchair service. This is a five star resort.”

The desk check in clerks, having nothing to do since Kirby has stopped traffic, now congregated near the entrance door. Cars were lined up a half mile down the main entrance drive and horns were honking.

A red Porsche, driven by an impatient guest waiting to check in tried to pull around the Mercedes. Kirby jumped in front of the car and blew her whistle. “Stay right there.” She ordered the angry guest. The driver of the car gave Kirby the finger and the car edged forward. Kirby, who apparently had some martial arts training, did a spin move and slammed a flip flop covered foot into the car’s bumper. The bumper fell to the ground with a loud clank.

As if on cue, help arrived in the form of a pimply faced teenaged bell hop pushing a wheelchair. Kirby and I helped Jack into the wheelchair and pushed Jack into the reception area. The driver of the Porsche was screaming at Kirby while examining the bumper less front of his expensive auto.


Once we had escaped from the angry Porsche driver, Kirby guided us through the check in process. She accompanied us to our hotel suite luggage in hand. The place was massive with a large bedroom separated from a well-appointed sitting area. Once our bags were unloaded, Kirby headed toward the mini bar. “You guys want anything to drink?” She asked kicking off her flip flops.

“No thanks.” I replied taking in the view of the mountains from the window. I thought it was impressive that Broadmoor bell hops were taught to invite guests to use the minibar on arrival. Smart marketing.

“Your loss.” Kirby replied. She pulled a Fireball from the minibar, unscrewed the top, and quickly drained the mini bottle. So much for smart marketing.

With her thirst quenched, the waif threw herself on the sofa and began to surf the TV channels.

“Don’t you need to get back to work?” I had asked Kirby.

“Oh no.” Kirby replied with a shrug. “Sundays are always slow.”

Through the window I could see the line of cars waiting to pull into the check in area now extended for at least a mile.

Kirby quickly got bored with the TV. She motioned for Jack to sit with her on the plush sofa. Jack complied dropping his crutches on the carpeted floor. The two new best friends sat opposite each other on the sofa. Kirby had her small feet pressed firmly in Jack’s crotch.

Jack’s casted foot rested in Kirby’s lap. The woman made a great show about inspecting Jack’s foot. She asked who two of the signer’s of Jack’s cast were (Nicole and Danielle), observed how cute Jack’s toes were, and asked when his next cast change would be.

“I broke my leg when I was 16.” Kirby intoned. Her right bare foot was now pressed against Jack’s cheek. “I was a cheerleader and our football team was playing a home game. They tossed me in the air and the guy who was supposed to catch me tripped. I landed awkwardly. My right ankle and lower leg basically exploded.”

I now took a seat opposite Jack and Kirby to watch the show. This woman was a master at making men sweat.

Kirby paused her story. “Go ahead. You can suck them.” Kirby said moving her right foot toward Jack’s mouth. “I saw you staring at them when we were checking in. I think toe sucking is really erotic.” Kirby’s toes were slender. They were painted a vibrant green and she wore a toe ring on the middle toe of each foot.

“They stopped the game for an hour while they splinted my leg and loaded me into the ambulance. My foot had twisted around backward, and they were worried about the circulation to my foot. So this bitch medic who looked like Emma Watson twists and pulls my foot back into place while 4 football players held me down. God did that hurt!”

Car horns were honking outside. Jack was now sweating profusely. He was sucking on Kirby’s right big toe. Her left foot was pressed into Jack’s crotch.

“Anyway.” Kirby continued. “My mother didn’t want them to operate because she was hoping I could get into the Air Force Academy. She thought a bunch of hardware in my leg may disqualify me. So in the ER, we had a three hour pull and twist session and they put me in a fiberglass cast from my toes to my ass.” Jack now had all five of Kirby’s toes in his mouth.

I had a sudden vision of a 16 year old Kirby wearing a cheer leading uniform in a full leg cast.

The vision was not unpleasant.

“I spent six months in that cast. Things turned out fine though. It only hurts when it gets cloudy or the temperature is less than 60 degrees.”

Jack moaned loudly as he came. Kirby smiled and bounced from the couch. The crotch of Jack’s pants was wet with cum. His shirt was drenched in sweat.

Kirby looked at me. “Now for the main event.” Kirby took my hand and led me back to the bedroom.

Author's Note

Kirby is actually a friend of mine. She is a troubled 28 year old. She had Attention Deficient Syndrome compounded by Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome which she acquired fighting in Afghanistan.

Kirby (Middle) during her time in the Army

Following her service in Afghanistan, Kirby returned to Charlotte and began work as a restaurant server. She battles many demons including alcohol and drug addition.

Kirby (Left) with her girlfriend Jenny. Kirby is openly gay. Her nickname is the 'angry lesbian.'

In real life, Kirby has broken many bones. She did, in fact, break her right leg in high school as part of a cheer leading accident.

Kirby's right leg was badly broken in high school. She spent several months in a full leg cast. She has a small scar on her lower leg where her shattered tibia was pressing against the skin

Kirby's bone breaking skills have not diminished as she has aged. Two years ago, she broke her arm punching a wall in a fit of anger.

Kirby is no stranger to broken bones. She broke arm two years ago and earned a full arm cast

In spite of her mental problems, Kirby is a sweet girl. She has a twin sister and adores her sister's two year old daughter.

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