Cindy Nelson Chapter Twenty Eight - The Final Chapter

Updated: May 28

Well, after five years, I have finished the Cindy Nelson story. For those of you not familiar with the story, it features Cindy, a 28 year old orthopedic technician, her boyfriend Jack who breaks his leg and is placed in a full leg cast, and Amy, an orthopedic surgeon with nymphomaniac tendencies.

Dozens of characters show up in the novel - almost all with strong sex drives - often of a bisexual nature. Most characters are based on a real life person I know.

The real life Samantha character. She is married with two kids and bisexual. She broke her left arm as a kid and spent 7 weeks in a full arm cast. I can't make all of the things in my stories up. Sam, when in her early 20's, once spent an afternoon with two other women in a hotel bedroom. After her afternoon threesome, she went home and 'fucked her husband's brains out'

Cindy Nelson consists of 28 chapter and 43,000 words. This is one of my shorter stories although publishing houses would still consider it to be the length of a novel.

While writing Cindy Nelson, I took a brief hiatus to write a companion story; Brian's Big Weekend. The Brian story has many of the same characters as Cindy Nelson. A successful businessman, Brian, visits his two female cousins in Denver. Robbie and Denise. Brian's cousins are nymphomaniac bisexuals. They arrange to have cousin Brian placed in a cast by Cindy Nelson and Amy Green. In the course of the weekend, Brian meets dozens of women excited by his cast and aroused sexually.

The character of Brian is based on the real life Brian who runs the Cast and Toes Blog Site which is so popular. 'Cousin Brian' contributed many of the character ideas for the story and I enjoyed collaborating with him on the project.

The character of 'Cherry Cyanide' from Brian's Big Weekend is real. She a roller derby who badly broke her leg in a match and is very proud of the fact

For those of you not familiar with my fiction, you can find most of my stories on my old website. My first story was written in 1991. Since then, I have written 10 or so stories. Most are of novel length.

I have begun my next project. It is an historical fiction novel set in 1972. During this period, the Vietnam war was beginning to wind down but 17 year old males were still subject to the draft in the US. High School classes were fragmenting for the first time into lifestyle segments; jocks and cheerleaders, artists, stoners, and such.

The main character is named Lynne Baucom. She is a high school senior in 1972 and breaks her leg in a soccer game. The story will cover the 83 days from the day Lynn breaks her leg in front of 3,500 people at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, NC to the day her cast is removed.

Lynne Baucom's high school year book picture.

The Lynne Baucom character has appeared in many of my stories. She was my next door neighbor when I was growing up in Charlotte NC. Between her junior and senior years in high school, Lynne broke her leg in real life and was placed in a huge, plaster toe to thigh cast. Lynne's mom was a nurse and her dad was a salesman. It was summer time so I was asked to stay with Lynne during the day during the first few weeks after her injury.

I was absolutely fascinated with Lynne's cast - and with Lynne herself. Lynne was gorgeous. I have no pictures of Lynne's cast but the memory of it is etched in my brain. Lynne's long toes extending from the end of the cast. The rounded bottom of the cast where a rubber walking heel would be affixed six weeks after her injury. The dozens of autographs she collected.

This not Lynne - but this is what I remember Lynne's cast looking like.

The first few days after her break, Lynne was in a world of pain. I had to help her get to the bathroom. I made her a lunchtime sandwich and brought her drinks as needed.

We had long conversations during which she told me in great detail about her injury and subsequent treatment. She had a great memory and was quite pissed off at the poor quality of the pain medications she was given. She remembered every detail of her injury and subsequent treatment.

Lynne lived in a split level house. Her bedroom, a guest bedroom, and the master bedroom were on an upper floor. The main floor contained the kitchen, dining room, and living room. The basement was where Lynne lived. It contained a recreation room, small bedroom and bath, and the washer and drier.

The rec room had a sofa that was a pull out bed. Lynne and I watched TV laying in bed together. The TV was a massive black and white model with rabbit ears. We were able to get three US channels. We watched re-runs Bewitched and game shows in the morning and soap operas in the afternoon.

It was during this summer that I realized two things. First, I was bisexual. I wanted to sleep with Lynne as much as I wanted to sleep with Robert Redford. And, second, I had a thing for casts.

As Lynne recovered from the injury, her mom needed my help less and less. After two weeks, Lynne gained confidence with her crutches. Stairs were mastered at the four week mark. And she was soon out all day with her friends and boyfriend Chippy who she would later marry.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who take the time to read my fiction. I will be posting the first chapter of Lynne Baucom soon.

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