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Cindy Nelson Chapter Twenty Five - The Spa

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Meet Red Toes in this Chapter of Cindy Nelson

Chapter Twenty-Five – The Spa

On our last night at the Broadmoor, I arranged a Spa Session for Jack and I.

Upon arrival at the spa, we were treated to a glass of wine and changed into luxurious white robes and comfy slippers.

Our first stop was the facial department where Jack and I were placed in mud masks while a gorgeous woman named Millicent replenished wine glasses and changed our facial masks every 15 minutes. All spa employees wore shorts, a Broadmoor logo-ed golf shirt and leather sandals. Millicent’s toes were painted a dark red and the woman was a picture of health.

Millicent had broken her leg just last year skiing on the Black Diamond slope at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort just north of Colorado Springs. She and Jack became fast friends as they shared broken leg experiences. Millicent’s leg was broken so badly she had to be air lifted from the mountain. Immediate surgery was performed, and the woman was placed in a toe to hip cast for six months. Jack proudly discussed his painful fracture reduction session and subsequent placement in the full leg cast.

Millicent happily signed Jack’s cast before we departed the facial room.

The next stop was the nail salon. Jack and I were placed in extra comfy pedicure chairs. Our toenails were expertly done by a young woman named Ingrid. She was curious about Jack’s full leg cast. She asked him how he broke his leg and wanted every detail about his treatment. She marveled at how long, elegant, and well-manicured his toes were – especially for a guy.

Ingrid, who was a short blond with a body to kill for, told us about her broken leg as she worked on our toes. She had broken her leg as a senior in high school during a soccer game. As she pampered our feet (or foot in Jack’s case), Ingrid recounted the tale of her ambulance ride, painful setting session in the ER, and subsequent placement in a full leg plaster cast with walking heel on the bottom.

She tickled Jack’s toes playfully as she began to apply clear polish to my boyfriend’s toes. My toes were painted a dark green.

Our third stop was the massage department. To our surprise, the massage department was staffed by Kirby, the nymphomaniac bell hop and dining room server. Kirby greeted us warmly and led us to a room with a sign that read ‘Gravity Immersion Massage’.

“It’s state of the art.” Kirby said as she took Jack’s crutches and propped them against the wall. Kirby had us lay on two small beds. She proceeded to secure a variety of belts and straps across various parts of our body.

“These beds can be positioned in a dozen ways. I’m going to start you in the most popular position.”

Kirby took a portable remote and hit a few buttons. Our chairs began to hum. The beds began to move. In seconds, Jack and I were fully upside down. Our heads were inches from the floor and feet in the air. I actually found the position quite comfortable.

“This is great for spine alignment.” Kirby said securing our heads in foam like helmet. My body, like Jack’s, was totally immobile. My view of the world at that point was limited to Kirby’s sandal clad feet.

Kirby continued to play with the remote. Pachelbel’s Cannon began to play over the stereo system. Our beds vibrated lightly.

“Everyone comfy?” Kirby asked?

Jack and I, unable to move anything other than fingers and toes, replied verbally in the affirmative.

“Good. I need to pee.” Kirby was nothing but direct. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Kirby left the room and Jack and I were momentarily alone.

“Cute guy in cast alert!” A high pitched voice announced. Several women laughed. Three sets of female feet appeared in front of us. Each woman wore flip flops. Their nails were recently done and flawless.

“Isn’t he cute?” The woman with red toes asked. Her companions readily agreed. Red toes had a silver toe ring on the middle toe of each foot.

The woman with green toes asked Jack what happened to his leg. Jack, still unable to move, explained his fall at work.

“Does it hurt much?” Green toes asked. She had a tattoo of a snake on the top of her left instep.

“No.” Jack replied. “It’s been six weeks. I get my cast off next week.”

The woman with green toes seemed to be leaning forward. “God. Look at his toes. They are gorgeous.” She exclaimed. All of the women were leaning forward examining Jack’s toes.

I was being ignored but was quite happy I wasn’t the center of attention.

“How many times have you broken your leg?” Red toes asked her companions.

“Six.” Said blue toes without hesitation. “Four times my right leg and two times my left.” Blue toes had a Star of David tattoo on her right big toe.

There was a pause. “Only three times.” Said green toes. She kicked off her left flip flop and pressed her big toe against Jack’s cheek. “All to my left leg. The first time was during the junior championship in Grenoble when I was 12. The last one was in Russia last year.” The woman had flawless feet and toes.

“What about you?” Green toes asked red toes.

No hesitation. “Fourteen times!” Red toes said proudly. “Seven times each leg”

“Damn.’ Said green toes. “That’s impressive.”

I suddenly realized that these women were part of the Canadian National Ski team that was training here in Colorado Springs. My friend Chemmy was part of the team and had broken her leg yesterday.

Red toes continued her story. “My worst break was in Chile. I was 17 or 18 and hit a tree doing 75 miles per hour. I broke my pelvis, thigh, kneecap, and both bones in lower leg. I was in a body cast for six months.”

“Was that the picture that was on the cover of ‘Ski World?” Green toes asked. “You had plaster up to your armpits and your cute little toes were sticking out the end of the cast? You were adorable!”

“That was the one.” Red toes said. “I had sex with the photographer after she took that picture. “I was so damned horny after eight weeks in that cast.”

Suddenly the women leaned forward again. “Oops. Looks like Jack has a woody.” Green toes said.

I heard Velcro straps being loosened.

“Can guys get an erection upside down?” Blue toes asked.

“Sure.” Said red toes. “It happens with astronauts all the time.” Red toes spoke as if she had a degree in astrophysics.

The women were silent for a second. Still leaning forward. Then I heard Jack moaning. Green toes grabbed a towel from a nearby table. Jack moaned again. The three women laughed. And I saw semen dripping onto the floor.

Kirby suddenly re-appeared. The little nymphomaniac’s timing was too perfect. I suspect Jack and I had been set up.

“Hi guys.” Kirby said. “Did I miss anything?”

Author's Note.

Meet 'Red Toes'. In real life, her name is Alice McKennis. She is 30 years old and a member of the US Olympic ski team.

Like Red Toes, Alice is a veteran bone breaker. Her first leg break occurred at the ripe old age of 15. She described the experience in a now defunct blog as follows:

“Don’t cry, don’t scream – it’s not that bad – just think of those crazy stories where some mountaineer drags himself back down the mountain with his femur sticking out of leg –  that must have been hard, this isn’t that hard – it’s going to be ok, its going to be ok, its going to be ok – my god, what a shitty way to end my ski career – I cannot believe this is happening – I wasn’t even doing anything stupid, just trying to prevent some kid from getting hurt.”

These were some of the thoughts racing through my mind after my ski had wedged into a soft pile of snow, stopping me suddenly and violently while my body twisted and flipped over my left leg. Initially as I felt my leg twist, I thought “well, probably going to blow my knee out” but I kept twisting and my lower leg didn’t. As I flipped and landed onto my right side my feet somehow ended up in the air, I saw instantly that my left foot was pointed 180 degrees in the wrong direction. “F#*$, I hope my bone isn’t sticking out, please, please do not be compound.”

Fortunately for Alice, her first broken leg was not compound. She was not quite so lucky with her subsequent 13 broken legs. From the age of 15 to her current age of 30, Alice averaged one broken leg a year. Her most dramatic leg break occurred in 2013 when broke her leg in over 30 places during a race in Germany. Undeterred by the injury, Alice continued to compete for the next 7 years.

No scars on these legs are there?

In spite of breaking her legs 14 times, Alice continues to train for the US Olympic team.

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