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Cindy Nelson Chapter Twenty Four - Chemmy

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Chapter Twenty-Four - Chemmy

Jack got up early to attend his seminar while I slept in. I got up around 10:00 AM, got in a good workout at the fitness center, and showered. I arrived at the resort’s main restaurant a little after noon. I settled into a table next to a large stone fireplace.

My server turned out to be Kirby – the nymphomaniac bell hop Jack and I had met yesterday. Kirby gave me a warm hug. She was wearing khaki shorts, leather sandals, and a polo shirt.

“You certainly get around.” I said. “Bell hop one day and server the next? You must be pretty valuable to this place. Kirby gave me an uncertain smile. I ordered a glass of Chardonnay and settled in with my iPad for a relaxing afternoon of reading.

“Mind if I join you?” A soft voice asked.

I looked up to see a stunning blond woman who was about my age. She stood poised on crutches. Her left leg was encased in a toe to thigh white fiberglass cast. She was tall and angular and wore pair of sexy blue overalls with the left leg cut up the side.

I was actually happy for the company. “Of course not.” I said motioning to the chair opposite me.

She smiled and gratefully took the chair opposite me. I pulled a chair from a nearby table and helped the woman prop up her casted leg.

“Thanks.” The woman said grimacing slightly as I positioned her leg on the chair. “This happened yesterday and I was planning to be on the slopes all day.” She nodded to my iPad. “I left all of my electronics at home.”

Kirby appeared. It was obvious the two women knew each other well. Kirby facilitated introductions. The woman’s name was Chemmy and she was a member of the Canadian National Ski team. The team was in Colorado Springs training. Chemmy ordered a Chardonnay and Kirby returned quickly with a glass.

“Have you known Kirby long?” I asked.

“Three or four years.” Chemmy replied. “The team comes here every November. As you probably found out, Kirby is a total screw up. Her uncle runs the place and he’s been trying to find a job she can safely do here ever since I started coming here. She’s been a server, a maid, a bell hop, a masseuse, and a life guard.” Chemmy took a sip of wine. “She’s screwed every job up.”

“Why doesn’t he just fire her?” I asked.

Chemmy shrugged. “Family loyalty I suppose. Kirby’s mother is apparently a type A parent. She married a Congressman and decided Kirby should go to the Air Force Academy. It’s here in Colorado Springs. Requires a recommendation from an elected official to get invited to attend.”

“How did that go?” I asked. “I don’t see Kirby as being the military type.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Chemmy said draining her wine. I drained mine also. “Miraculously, she somehow was admitted to the Academy. As you know that’s a very prestigious place. Most of the US astronauts went there.”

“Didn’t end well?” I asked.

“You could say that.” Chemmy said.” My understanding is she had the shortest stay at the academy of any cadet in history. She was kicked out in under 23 hours. She was caught having sex with the Air Force Academy Superintendent’s 15-year-old daughter the morning she arrived. That night she was caught smoking weed in the campus triangle. And then the next morning she was found naked on a table in the cafeteria.”

Kirby appeared smiling. “Another round?” She asked. We both agreed and ordered a cheese and fruit platter. Hopefully the woman was not aware we were talking about her.

Chemmy shook her head and laughed. “She’s a great lay but she has a lot of challenges.”

I looked at Chemmy’s cast. “So what happened here?” I asked casually. The cast appeared to start at the top of her thigh and extend fully down to her toes. Chemmy’s toes were long and slender like the woman herself. The nails were painted red and she wore a toe ring on the middle toe. Chemmy’s good foot was clad in a sandal and was similarly adorned.

Chemmy shrugged. “It’s nothing really. It wasn’t even a ski accident.” Kirby returned with our drinks and cheese and fruit platter.

Chemmy continued her story. “I was helping Kirby unload the skis from our van and I stepped on an icy patch of pavement. Down I went. Snapped my tibia in half at mid shaft and broke my fibula just below my knee.” Chemmy took a swig of wine and popped a grape into her mouth.

“Ouch.” I said. “Will you need surgery?”

“Probably not. I have so much metal in my leg already they wouldn’t be able fit another plate in there. I’ve broken this leg 6 times.”

I felt something warm slip into my lap. I looked down and saw Chemmy’s bare right foot. She wiggled her toes. I looked up and she gave me a smile. “Kirby said you were pretty good in bed.”

I reached down and fondled Chemmy’s foot. “Well isn’t this a nice surprise.” I said beginning to sweat slightly. “It’s pretty impressive that you can want to have sex less than 24 hours after breaking your leg.”

Chemmy wiggled her toes again. “I find that sex seems to make me forget about the pain.”

I examined Chemmy’s foot and leg. There was extensive scarring on her ankle and lower leg. I pressed my finger against the scarred area. “Looks like this leg may have been broken also.” I said.

Chemmy closed her eyes as I rubbed her foot. “That was from my whoopsie.” Chemmy said with a light dreamy voice.

“Your Whoopsie?” I asked. I slid off my clog and placed a sock covered foot in Chemmy’s lap.

“Yes.” Said Chemmy. Now wiggling her toes more aggressively. Five years ago, I was practicing with the Canadian team. In Banff. I missed a turn going 80 miles per hour. I dislocated and broke my ankle. The bones not only came through the skin, my tibia came through my ski boot.” The wiggling continued. “The doctor in the emergency room said that was the first time he had seen something like that.”

I assaulted Chemmy’s cunt with my toes. I was now wet as hell and sweating. My hands were trembling. Chemmy’s eyes were closed. She was holding on to the side rails of her chair with a death grip.

“Everything OK here?” A perky Kirby said abruptly materializing from around the corner.

Chemmy and I climaxed in unison.

Author's Note

The character of Chemmy is based upon Chemmy Alcott an Olympic Skier from Great Britain. Because the highest elevation in Great Britain is only 4,500 feet, the beautiful Chemmy trained with the Canadian National team.

Chemmy after suffering the compound fracture to her leg Banff

Alcott is the ultimate veteran bone breaker. In her own words. “I’ve broken 47 bones. Some of them will never heal completely, and I’ll have to deal with them for life; my neck is fused together, and my broken leg [a compound open fracture sustained in 2010] is held together by a 15 inch metal nail down the bone marrow.”

Chemmy being airlifted to the base hospital

The compound fracture she is referring to is the one Chemmy tells Cindy about in this chapter. The bone did, in fact, come through Chemmy's skit boot. EMT's at the scene were shocked at the violence of the injury.

‘When I was coming down the mountain, on a stretcher beneath the helicopter, I thought I was dying. I have never known pain like it.’

Again in her own words. ‘I could feel my leg was hot and moist. From photographs, I have been shown that my ski boot liner had become lodged inside my leg with bones and blood everywhere. The doctors were pretty shocked. I can handle gore in any movie but I couldn’t believe the massive gaping wound in my lower leg inside my ski boot. That just shows you the amount of force we put through our bodies.’

A still heavily drugged Chemmy a day after surgery

A smiling Chemmy with team mates a few days after the accident

It took a year for Chemmy to get her mojo back after the Branff injury. Bravely, she began training for the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi. However, she managed to re-break her right leg in a training run in August of 2013.

Chemmy's badly scarred leg from the 2011 accident

Chemmy retired from competitive skiing in 2014. Now 39, Chemmy does motivational speaking. She is married with a two year old child.

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