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Cindy Nelson Chapter Twenty Seven - The Tour

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Chapter Twenty-Seven – The Tour

We waited for the other passengers to exit the bus before getting up ourselves. As soon as the bus was empty, our chauffeur Kirby came skipping down the aisle.

“I see you met my cousin, Savanna.” Kirby said with the smile.

I saw that, in addition to the chauffeur hat, Kirby was wearing a white blouse, black vest, black skirt, and flip flops.

Kirby looked at her cousin’s casted foot and bare toes. She placed her hands on her hips.

“Where is the toe sock I gave you?” Her face was angry. Savannah, a captain in the air force and fighter pilot, looked terrified of Kirby. Jack scrambled to pull the toe sock from his pocket and slip it over Savannah’s delicate toes.

“That’s better.” Kirby said once again with a smile. “You could get frostbite in this kind of weather.”

I looked down and noted that Kirby’s flip flop clad feet had a bluish tinge.

Kirby escorted us into the visitors Center of the Air Force Academy. The tour apparently started on the second floor so we headed to the basement level elevator. A middle aged woman in a wheelchair and a full leg cast was waiting for the elevator with her family. I assumed they were also planning to join the tour. The elevator door opened just as we approached.

Kirby, in a loud voice, stopped the poor woman from boarding the elevator.

“Official Air Force Academy Business!” She yelled displaying what looked to me like a Sam’s Club card. “Out of the way please.”

Savanna, Jack, and Kirby boarded the elevator. “Cindy, we’ll meet you on the 2nd floor.” Kirby yelled as the elevator doors slammed shut. The woman in the wheelchair and her family looked perplexed. I shrugged at them, smiled, and then climbed the nearby stairs to the 2nd floor.

Once on the second floor, I positioned myself in front of the elevator which seemed to be taking a long time to reach the second floor. Then I realized the elevator was not moving. It was stopped between the basement and second floor.

Three minutes passed. I noticed a crowd had gathered at the tour kiosk. A tour guide was introducing herself to the gathered crowd of 30 or so people.

Four minutes passed. I looked over the rail and saw the woman in the wheelchair and her family were becoming agitated.

Five minutes. Finally, the door to the elevator opened. Jack and Kirby’s cousin Savanna looked almost comatose. Jack’s pants zipper was open and his shirt untucked. His pants were badly stained with a wet substance. Captain Savanna, the fighter pilot, looked disheveled. She had lipstick marks on her face and neck. Her blouse was unbuttoned revealing ample breasts covered in bite marks. And her toes were now sockless and appeared quite moist.

Kirby was smiling and energetic. “Had a little mechanical issue on the way up. Everything is fine now though!”

Kirby waved for us to follow her. “You don’t want the regular tour. I’ll give you a private tour. Way more informative.”

And for the next 10 minutes, the diminutive Kirby, flip flop clad feet slapping away on the tile floors, showed us the locations of her promiscuous 8 hour career at the distinguished Air Force Academy.

During our tour we saw where Kirby:

  • Had sex with the Air Force Academy hostess who greeted incoming 1st year Plebes to the Academy;

  • Smoked weed in a chemistry classroom with said hostess – both women naked;

  • Sucked the toes of a red headed civilian who worked in the cafeteria dishing out mashed potatoes;

  • Screwed a black custodian who had a 14” cock in a storage closet;

Kirby led us to the Air Force Academy Chapel – a beautiful place with tiled floor and mahogany pews. A Baptismal Ceremony was underway. A Priest held a newborn baby. A dozen or so family member were gathered around an ornate and very expensive looking Baptismal Font.

The atmosphere was quite somber.

Kirby, now facing Jack, Savanna, and I, was now walking backward arms waving in the air.

“And this is where I had sex with the Air Force Commandant’s daughter. She was only 13 but she was a great lay.”

The members of the baptismal party now stared at the group of strangers intruding on their private ceremony.

Kirby did not see the stairs leading down to the chapel. She missed the first step and fell backwards. We heard a loud snap as Kirby’s lower leg snapped and the girl was in immediate agony.

“Holy Fuck!” She screamed holding her mangled lower leg in her hands. “I broke my fucking leg!”

The Baptismal party was obviously now concerned about how the rest of the ceremony would play out.

Somehow Kirby got to her feet. “Mother of Christ. Holy Fuck!” She said. “Fuck, fuck , fuck.”

The waif in the flip flops was now hopping on one foot. The broken leg was flopping like a wet noodle. Miraculously, the flip flops stayed on Kirby’s small feet.

“Fuck me in the ass!” Kirby said as she hopped backwards. She collided with the Baptismal font. The family members scattered. The Font – a marble structure containing a waist high pool of Holy Water – crashed to the floor. Kirby went down. Drenched in Holy Water and clutching her broken leg.

“Can somebody call a fucking ambulance?” Kirby screamed.

Captain Savanna calmly used her cell phone to summon Air Force Academy Medics and an Ambulance. Jack and I watched the surrealistic scene unfold. The Baptismal party gathered in the first two pews of the chapel chatting animatedly among themselves. I was sure the Priest’s tip for the service was declining by the second.

A female custodian materialized to clean the Holy Water off of the chapel floor. The poor woman could not decide whether to genuflect or make the sign of the cross before mopping the Holy Water into the dirty mop bucket.

And then the medics appeared. To the sound of loud screams, Kirby’s leg was splinted and the poor waif was loaded into a waiting ambulance.

Author's Note:

The Kirby character in the story exists in real life. She served in the Army for several year and fights many demons including alcoholism, drug addiction, and PTSD. You can read more about the real life Kirby HERE

Kirby's right leg was broken in real life during high school

Real Life Kirby WIth Her Niece

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