Cindy Nelson Chapter Twenty Six - The Air Force Academy

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Chapter Twenty-Six – The Air Force Academy

Check out time at the Broadmoor is noon. Jack and I decided to spend the morning doing a tour of the US Air Force Academy which is in Colorado Springs. The first scheduled tour of the day left the Broadmoor at 9:00 and would return to the resort by 11:00.

The Tour Bus was a small vehicle like the ones that hotels use to shuttle guests from the airport to the hotel property. It had a dozen or so rows with most seat facing forward. Jack and I grabbed one of the few backward facing seats so he could prop his broken leg on the seat facing us.

The bus was crowded. Near departure time, I heard a soft voice with a southern accent ask.

“Do you mind if I join you?”

I turned to see a young woman – probably in her late 20’s. She was a pretty red head with a slight body. She wore a dark blue United States Air Force uniform. She had a variety of medals on her chest and her shoulder epaulets indicated she was an officer of some type in the Air Force. The left leg of her starched pants leg was cut along the side to accommodate an orange, full leg cast. The woman stood on crutches.

“Sorry to bother you.” The woman continued. “But I wouldn’t mind propping my leg up too. Can I squeeze in with you?”

I helped the woman settle into the seat opposite Jack and I. We propped her casted leg on the seat between Jack and I. The woman wore a heavy wool sock over the toe of her cast.

The cast was covered with signatures and drawings. Jack’s casted foot rested on the seat next to the woman.

We made introductions and bonded within seconds. The woman’s name was Savana and she was a graduate of the Air Force Academy. She spent the last four years flying combat fighters in the Middle East. She took out her phone and showed Jack and I a picture of her in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet on a runway in Dubai. This was a tough cookie. She loved the military and was back in the states for two weeks for some R&R and to re-enlist for another tour of duty.

“What happened to your leg?” I asked.

Savanna shook her head and laughed. “When you sign up for another tour of duty, they make you re-qualify on the shooting range and obstacle course. I was on the obstacle course last week. It was raining like crazy and I was walking across a 6” wooden beam 20’ up in the air. I fell and snapped my tibia and fibula in half. God did that hurt.”

Savanna looked at Jack and smiled. She reached down and squeezed his bare toes. “And what happened to you?”

Jack relayed the story of his fall at work and subsequent painful reduction and casting session.

“I can totally relate.” Savanna said closing her eyes and leaning back in her seat. “When I fell, I landed in a puddle of water and mud six inches deep. I knew the leg was broken right away. But the drill instructor wouldn’t call medics until everyone had completed the obstacle course. So, I laid there for 30 minutes in the pouring rain.”

Savanna picked up her casted leg and placed it in Jack’s lap. “Would you mind taking my sock off? I was visiting my cousin at the Broadmoor and she insisted I wear the sock so I wouldn’t get frostbite.”

Jack reddened and seemed momentarily stunned. I watched as he pulled the wool sock from Savanna’s cast with a an almost religious reverence. Jack was rewarded with a view one of the most beautiful set of toes I have ever seen. Savanna’s toes were long and elegant.

They were professionally painted. Each toe was a different color and at least part of each toe was covered in polka dots.

Savanna wiggled her newly freed toes. “Thanks.” She said placing her cast back on the seat of the bus. “That feels way cooler.”

“So what happened after everyone finished the obstacle course?” I asked trying to avoid staring at the massive erection which had appeared in Jack’s lap.

Savanna continued her story. “So once everyone else finished the obstacle course, the drill instructor gave me two choices. She could call an ambulance right away. Or I could try to finish the obstacle course. If I didn’t finish, I wouldn’t qualify for re-enlistment. My leg hurt like crazy and I was shaking like a leaf. But I was only 100 yards from the finish line.’

Savanna adjusted her casted leg on the seat between Jack and I. On her good foot, she wore a highly polished lace boot.

“So at that point my endomorphs kicked in. I began to crawl toward the finish line. Every time I moved my leg the pain was horrific. I could feel the bones sliding around in my leg. But I kept going. I only had one obstacle left. It was a 10’ rope that I had to climb and then ring a bell at the top of the rope. By this time all of the cadets who had completed the obstacle course were watching me and cheering me on. I made it to the rope and began to climb. I have no idea how I did it. My leg was flopping around like a wet noodle. But I rang the bell.”

Savanna closed her eyes and seemed to be reliving a nightmare. She reached down and began to rub Jack’s toes lightly.

“And that’s really all I remember. Apparently, I fell after ringing the bell. That’s when my tibia came through the skin and things got a little nasty. But I apparently managed to crawl the last 30 yards to the finish line.

We were briefly interrupted when a group of Air Force Academy cadets boarded the bus. The group wore battle fatigue uniforms and carried large duffel bags. Upon seeing Savanna, the group dropped the duffel bags, gave us a salute, and simultaneously yelled


Savanna smiled. She said in her light voice “At ease men.” And returned the salute. “Enjoy your time at the Academy.”

Military courtesy apparently dictated that the cadet closet to the officer respond. The pimply faced kid, still erect and saluting nearly screamed. “Thank you Captain Ma’am” The group then retreated to the back of the bus.

“Wow.” I said. “That was impressive on several levels.

“How so?” Savanna asked smiling slightly.

“Well. First of all, you seem kind of young to be a captain but my knowledge of military rank is a little rusty.”

Savanna shrugged. “You graduate from the academy as a second lieutenant. Four years flying fighter jets in combat gets you’re a couple of bumps in rank and pay grade. No biggie.”

Savanna contorted her beautiful face. She took a deep breath. “Jack. Would you mind scratching my toes. God I hate to ask you that but they are so hot and itchy.”

Jack’s face was nearly purple. He reached down and light rubbed Savanna’s long elegant toes.

“Perfect. Get the bottom of my foot under the cast too. That part is really itchy.”

Jack, always the gentleman, slid two fingers into Savana’s cast. Savanna’s toes twitched. Jack’s massive erection was now twitching in his lap.

Behind me, I heard the bus door close. The driver announced our departure. The female voice sounded vaguely familiar.

The trip to the Air Force Academy took about 20 minutes. We went through the scenic town of Colorado Springs, CO and then took I 25 up to the academy.

“So, your cousin works at the Broadmoor.” I asked as we exited the resort property.

Savanna nodded. “Yes. She’s a bit of a flake but I love her. I spend a night at the Broadmoor whenever I get back to Colorado Springs. We were very close as children.”

The bus driver was giving what seemed to be a rather strange explanation of Colorado Springs history and important landmarks as we passed through downtown Colorado Springs.

“This is the “Bitter Onion” Bar.” She intoned in a loud voice. They have half price drafts every day from five until seven.” I looked around the bus. The average age of the patron appeared to be about 70. I wondered how many of these tour participants were even awake at seven o’clock at night.

The tour guide continued. “And there’s the Happy Delight Hotel. If you need a place for a quick ‘nooner’ that’s your place. They offer rooms for $9 an hour or $43 for a whole day.”

The light bulb went on. At that instant, I realized who our tour bus driver was. I turned in my seat to see Kirby the bell hop, server, and maid at the resort. She was now dressed as a chauffeur. She wore a black hat and black jacket. Here eyes were barely above the dashboard.

“That’s my cousin.” Savanna said smiling. “She marches to a different drummer than most people. I recalled Jack and I having sex with Kirby hours after checking into the Broadmoor.

“That’s an understatement.” I said.

Author's note:

The inspiration for the character Savanna is a real life US Military Officer who had the misfortune of breaking her leg a few years ago. I wrote a Blog article about Savanna last September. You can read the article HERE.

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