Cory's Cast -- Chapter 2

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

“Are you doing okay Cory?” I asked as I slowly began to rub his thigh.

Cory looked like he didn’t know what to say, but simply uttered a soft moan. I let my hand move north, and I started to gently rub his swollen testes, which felt like lemons. I knew it must have been a rough week for Cory with a freshly broken leg, and he was in need of a serious release.

Soon I was stroking Cory through his underwear. His breath sharpened and his cock twitched. I stood up and placed both of my hands at his hips to slide his underwear down. I had no intention of taking them off completely, as that would involve the difficult process of sliding them down his cast.

My mouth fell open in awe once Cory’s underwear was around his thighs. His cock slapped audibly against his stomach. The sight of a male with an enormous penis and an equally large leg cast pushed me over the edge. Warmth spread quickly in between my legs, and I could feel myself start to soak through the thin fabric of my thong.

"Cory...I don’t even...what the fuck!? This is so big!"

Cory cracked a shy grin and I could see his face flush and burn again.

I began to squeeze him slowly, moving my hand up and down his thick shaft. Cory had the fattest, longest monster cock you'd only see in porn. His throbbing rod was so thick that my fingertips were barely able to touch when I gripped it. He was already leaking precum, and after several awkward strokes my palm was coated in it. The poor boy probably hadn’t cum since he broke his leg, and I could tell he was ready to blow.

I leaned over Cory’s chest and whispered, “Just let me know when you’re ready, okay?”

This alone was enough to nearly set him off.

It wasn’t easy giving Cory a handjob. It felt like I was gripping the barrel of a baseball bat. I’d been with some well-endowed guys before, but I’d never seen anything like what Cory had. As I got used to gripping him, I quickened my pace. Cory’s breath came in short and sharp. He was ready.

“Oh m-...oh my…!” Cory couldn’t finish the sentence.

His cock erupted in my hand like a fleshy volcano, shooting cum in every direction. It must have been at least 10 shots of cum, with plenty of it landing on my chest and a bit of it on my chin. I grinned at the mix of shock and ecstasy on his face.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” I said, giving his toes another gentle squeeze.

I used two whole paper towel sheets to clean his cock, then another to dab the cum off his good leg and his cast.

“You need to keep this clean mister.” I said as I wiped the cum from the top of his cast.

“Sorry about, shirt and stuff.” Cory replied meekly as he watched me use a wet towelette to clean his cum from my long-sleeve polo shirt.

“I’ll give you a pass this time. Just because you’re a cripple.” I replied, with a mocking grin.

After we finished cleaning up, I noticed Cory’s cock was still hard. His erection hadn’t subsided one bit, despite his powerful orgasm.

“Do you want to have some more fun?” I asked slyly, and Cory perked up.

“Errr yeah...of course! Definitely!” His goofy eagerness was cute.

I sat down next to him and lowered my voice. “We can do whatever you want to make this broken leg of yours feel better, okay?”

Slowly, we leaned in to kiss. I yearned for Cory to throw me around, or at least allow me to hop on him, but I knew that was impossible at the moment. Besides, Caroline would murder me if she knew any part of this, especially if Cory managed to injure himself further fooling around with me.

As we kissed I started to stroke him again. After a week of being left untouched, Cory’s penis was extremely sensitive. He’d moan and groan with each stroke, but I wanted to give him more than just a handjob this time. Cory was a shy kid, so I knew he was hesitant to make any sort of move. Before he broke his leg, I’d catch him staring often at my ass whenever he could during our SAT sessions. It was time to give Cory a treat.

I broke off our kiss and placed a hand on Cory’s cast. “Stay like this.” I said.

I got up and slid my shorts off. I spread Cory’s good leg as wide as I could to make enough room for me to sit in his lap. With my back to him, I lowered my ass onto his crotch and started to grind.

I’m not one to consider myself an especially petite woman. I’m a 5’7, 150 pound pale redhead (thanks to my “lucky” scotch-irish ancestry) with a busty chest (34E), wide hips, and a thick ass. Despite my big ass, Cory’s cock felt like a stripper pole in between my cheeks, and my thong was so wet it must’ve looked like I’d peed myself. I bent over lower to give Cory a better view. Cory finally mustered the courage to move his hands to my hips, and I could feel him eagerly probe and rub my ass.

“You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted to touch this” Cory said as he marveled at my rear.

“You can play with it if you’d like.” I said as I bit my lip.

I could feel him becoming more adventurous. Cory’s fingers were rubbing close to my pussy, teasing me as they lightly brushed against my thong. I was only getting wetter, not only from the sensation of Cory’s massive cock against my ass and pussy, but also the sight of his cast. My position afforded me a full view of it, and I loved watching Cory’s toes wiggle in pleasure. The cast extended all the way up into his crotch, nearly touching his swollen testes. I couldn’t help but wonder if the cast techs caught a glimpse of Cory’s cock as they applied his cast.

I stared at Cory’s casted shin and thought back to seeing it on the field right after it broke. I gave a slight moan, and knew he would probably be in this cast for a while. We were going to have some serious fun for the next few months.

Although I couldn’t see his face, Cory certainly seemed to be having fun playing with my ass. He was still very shy, and hadn’t done anything besides rubbing and squeezing it. I ached to fuck Cory, but I knew we probably couldn’t do it, at least not yet, due to his broken tibia.

I leaned back and reached around to spread my thong to the side, exposing my swollen pussy, dripping in anticipation. I’d shaved the night before and my smooth pussy gilded effortlessly along his shaft. I straightened my back and pressed my pussy against the head of his cock. I grinded against his head and almost slipped it in, but I could hear Cory started to moan louder. I slowly rubbed my pussy against his head, feeling my wetness coat his cock.

“I’m gonna...I’m gonna…where should I…” I cut Cory off. I knew what was coming. I reached back and put my hand on Corey’s good thigh.

“Cum on my ass Cory, it’s okay.” Seconds later I heard Cory yell from behind me as I felt several thick ropes of cum explode against my ass. Another impressive load.

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