Cupcake Queen Breaks a Leg

Åsa-Helena lives in Sweden. In 2010, she started a company that made gluten free cupcakes. The woman is very creative and a bit of a hippy.

Asa Helena in her first cast

In July of 2019, at the age of 46, Asa Helena took a little fall down the stair. She shattered her tibia into many pieces. Because of the number of bone fragments, doctors were reluctant to rod the tibia.

Asa Helena on the floor being treated by EMT's

Instead, they straightened the leg as best they could while applying pressure to all parts of the shattered tibia. According to Asa Helena, the procedure was the stuff nightmares are made of.

In the ER after the leg was set and placed in a backslab splint

Asa Helena was confined to the hospital for eight days with strict instructions not to move her leg. The leg was placed in a back slab splint and supported in an elevated frame.

Eight days later, Asa Helena was placed in her first cast. It was a toe to thigh pink cast with a streak of blue.

Asa Helena in her first cast

Outside of the cast community, most people do not enjoy being in casts. The itching, difficulty dressing and showering, and inability to walk without crutches make cast life difficult at best. Facebook has numerous support groups where men and women rant about the difficulty of living in a cast.

Not so with Asa Helena. She absolutely loved being in the cast. A bisexual, single widower, she fully understood the intrinsic appeal of a helpless woman to men. She also understood that a large percentage of men had a foot fetish and loved looking at her toes that extended from the end of her cast.

Asa Helena's Second Cast

Fortunately for Asa Helena, she had an orthopedic surgeon who was very conservative. He insisted the woman's leg be x-rays every two weeks and that the cast be replaced.

The gave Asa Helena great latitude in picking cast colors and in decorating her casts.

Asa Helena's Third Cast

In August, Asa Helena was allowed to return to work at the cupcake shop. At this point in time, she was in her third cast. She was driven to work by one of her employees. Working in the kitchen was difficult with the cast and crutches. So Asa Helena's role at the cupcake shop was to deliver bags or boxes of cupcakes to the shop patrons who were required to stay outside of the shop. Orders were placed by phone from the parking lot. Asa Helena, would load the cupcakes into a back pack and deliver them to the shop patrons at a table outside of the shop.

Asa Helena's 4th Cast

Coincidentally, revenues at the cupcake shop rose steadily after Asa Helena's return to work. "It was amazing." Asa Helena said. "Some men came back 2 or 3 times for cupcakes in the same day."

Asa Helena's 5th Cast

By September, Asa Helena was beginning to understand the power of her cast. Not only were revenues rising steadily, so too were the number dating offers she was receiving.

"Some days at the cupcake shop I would receive several dinner offers. They came from both men and women - but mostly men. I think people felt sorry for me because I was in the cast for so long."

It was around this time that Asa Helena began sporting toe rings on her feet. And, in spite of temperatures in the 40's, she often wore a sandal on her good foot to work. Why not take advantage of a good thing if you can get a free dinner every night?

Asa Helena's 6th and 7th Casts

In October, Helena was placed in a couple of short leg cast. Her fractures were healing well.

Asa Helena's Cast Free Leg

Finally, on October 31, Asa Helena's cast was removed. She was placed in a compression sock and ordered to stay non weight bearing. Asa Helena was never placed in a boot. Because of the nature of her fractures, doctors wanted her to build mobility in her ankle while not putting stress on the still delicate tibia. It was not until February of 2020, that Asa Helena was cleared for full weight bearing.

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