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Dare Devil Lin-Z Breaks Some Bones

This woman has guts. Can you imagine doing flips in the air on a wooden board with four flimsy wheels attached to the bottom.

Lin-Z is a professional skateboarder. She was raised in California and began skateboarding at a young age.

By the time she was a teen, Lin-Z was recognized as one of the greatest female skateboarders of all time. At the age of 14, she tool first place in the summer X-games in Los Angeles in Skateboarding.

Skateboarding at the X-games level is not a sport for the faint hearted. At the age of 15, young Lin-Z suffered her first broken bone - a compound fracture of her left forearm. The break occurred during a training session. Upon seeing the bone sticking out of her forearm, Lin-Z laughed, displayed the damaged limb for all teammates to see, and promptly began pulling on the arm with her good hand in an attempt to get the bones back in alignment.

Lin-Z managed one more training run with her left arm flopping like a wet noodle and blood dripping on her skate board. Finally, shock, pain, and blood loss forced the girl to accept a ride to a hospital. Surgery was performed and Lin-Z was ultimately placed in a full arm cast for 6 weeks.

A compound forearm fracture didn't deter little Lin-Z from her skateboarding addiction.

A year after breaking her arm, Lin-Z blew out her knee and missed another X-games. She was, however, honing her TV broadcasting skills while recovering from injuries. She was also amassing an impressive number of endorsement deals.

By the time she was 19, Lin-Z had earned 8 X-games medals - 3 of them gold. During another training run, she suffered a Lisfranc fracture of the foot. The injury was treated non-surgically and Lin-Z spent six weeks in a below the knee cast.

Lin-Z wore her cast like a fashion accessory.

The Lisfranc injury - while seemingly minor - ended Lin-Z's X-games career.

A couple of years later, she married Travis Pastrana who is a BMX maniac, NASCAR driver, and stunt man.

Lin-Z and Travis shown in 2013.

This is a couple made in heaven. While Lin-Z does upside down flips on a skateboard, Travis gets his kicks replicating Evil Knievel bike jumps. Amazingly. Lin-Z had broken only her arm and foot during her skateboarding career. Travis, on the other hand, has broken dozens of bones.

As you probably guessed, Lin-Z is a natural brunette

Lin-Z's skateboarding skill and risk taking attitude made her one of only two women to featured in Tony's Hawk's video game series. Quite a legacy.

On her social media sites, Lin-Z features her Halloween costumes. For some reason, skeletons predominate the themes

Today, Lin-Z is a 30 year old mother of two. Her skateboarding career is over, but she continues to broad cast during the X-games. Her kids are already seriously engaged in a variety of bone breaking activities including snow boarding, skateboarding, and dirt bike riding.

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