Darin' Erin Breaks a Leg!

I came across this woman's social media sites years ago but forgot about them completely until today.

Erin jumping for joy at her Alma Mater. Erin is a also a huge Louisiana State University (LSU) American football fan

Erin was a TV reporter for a station in Vermont. She is in her late 20's now and is a graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans.

Erin's niche at the TV station was doing daring things - typically sports related. In the 8 plus years she was employed at the station, she participated in Nordic skiing, drove a race car, did a luge run, and played hockey against a men's team.

Erin was athletic and not afraid to try new things. Her spots on TV were typically 2 to 3 minutes long and were quite popular. The video spots were titled 'Darin' Erin.'

Erin doing a one minute video letting her viewers know she had broken her ankle

In 2015, Erin broke her ankle snow boarding. The accident was not related to her TV spots and was not captured on film. While the ankle was not badly displaced, Erin said she felt the bone snap. She was taken off the mountain by the ski patrol and endured the longest five minutes of her life when the ski patrol removed her ski boot at the base medical center. A friend drove her to ER when she was placed in a temporary splint.

Erin's temporary splint

A few days later, Erin's temporary splint was replaced with an LSU themed walking cast. For those of you not familiar with American football (40% of my blog readers reside in Europe), LSU will be playing for the US national collegiate football championship in a few weeks. Maybe Erin will invite us to a viewing party.

Erin's stylish LSU themed walking cast

Erin's toes, while not world class, are certainly attractive

The first thing Erin realizes is that leaving her toes exposed in a cast in the middle of winter in Vermont is not a great idea. She noticed that some of her leg breaking friends she met at the orthopedic clinic had little socks that covered their toes.

Erin displaying the 'Toe Koozie" given to her by the cast technician

She asked the cast technician about the cast socks and was presented with a light blue 'toe koozie' which she proudly wore home. Erin was curious about who made these knitted bundles of toe warmth. She learned that a volunteer knitted toe koozies. The next thing we knew, Erin was on the air with the volunteer taking a knitting lesson.

Member of the Vermont cast fetish community were in for a real treat for the next six weeks. Erin created a number of videos of her performing athletic activities while in her cast.

Erin learning the fine art of archery while in a leg cast

Erin playing Lacrosse goalie against a local high school team while in her cast

The highlight of the six videos Erin produced while in the cast was a segment where she coached a female softball team. It turns out one of the real coaches on the team broke her leg also. So we are treated in the video to two women in leg casts.

Erin coaching softball while in her cast

Erin wearing shin guards over her cast. In the video, a pitch smacks her right in the shin.

But of course, all good things must come to an end. After six weeks in the cast, Erin was placed in a walking boot.

Erin and her walking boot

Today, Erin is married and has a child. About a year ago, she moved from television to radio and broadcasts local sporting events. She has fully recovered from the leg injury.

As a final treat, I am including some of Erin's videos for all to see.

Erin announcing her injury to her viewers

Erin learning to knit cast 'toe koozies' from a hospital volunteer

Erin coaching a softball team in her cast

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