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Do Amish Women Break Bones?

I have huge respect for men or women who devote their lives to improving the lives of others.

Marissa is a Mennonite missionary who broke her tibia during a service trip to Honduras. Her mission was to cook for the poor of the country. Her co-workers fashioned a scooter from a broken desk chair. This allowed Marissa to scoot around the kitchen serving her mission.

This picture drove me nuts the first time I saw it. You have an Amish woman who by upbringing dresses conservatively. Female footwear, as an example, is limited to black shoes by custom. Shoes can be shiny if they are manufactured that way. Shoes may not be shined if they become dull. Shaving of legs and painting of toes is highly discouraged due to a woman's heavy workload in the household. And never should feet be exposed for others to see.

And this frigging woman is dangling a set of gorgeous toes out the end of a blue cast. They may not be perfect. But as toes go, they are above average. No corns or bunions. Long and well curved. The cast stops at mid instep accentuating the presence of the toes.

Marissa actually seems proud of her cast and toes. No attempt to hide them with a sock. She lets friends and family photograph them at will. Imagine what a layer of fire engine red paint would do for those tootsies!

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