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For Whom The Bell Tolls - Prologue

I love it when the cast community comes together to piece together two unrelated stories.

On June 20, I published a blog about a Washington DC based bell ringer who suffered a broken leg. The woman's name was "Q" and she is morally as close to being a nun as a lay person can be.

Q in the blue blouse is a world class ringer of church bells

Q had the misfortune of breaking her leg in a backyard accident. The cause of the break was diagnosed as bone density issues. In the Blog I published, we saw Q in a full leg cast just prior to her release from the hospital.

Norman and Andrew, two active members of our cast community, immediately recognized Q and sent me a trove of pictures of poor Q in skeletal traction.

Q a few hours after having traction pins inserted in her leg

The insertion of traction pins in the human body is an incredibly invasive and violent procedure. 10" pins are drilled through bone using an electric power tool. A harness is attached to the pins. And then heavy weights are applied to the limb to slowly pull jagged bone fragments into place.

Q's traction apparatus included pins in her tibia and her femur. She is an amazing woman. I have never seen her without a smile on her face

The pin insertion process is usually performed in a 'conscious sedation' state. This means the patient will feel horrific pain during the procedure but remember nothing (or little) about the produce upon waking.

What a delightful picture. Hours after having two 10" pins drilled into her leg, Q plays for the camera person. She talks on the phone happily in spite of the traction apparatus. Q has numerous fiends in the bell ringing community

For those subscribers to my blog who have not seen the pin insertion process, please go to my shared files on Dropbox to view the entire violent process. Q's resolve and spirit is enormous. Consider that in the space of 4 hours she has endured the shock of breaking her leg, undergoing the pin insertion process, and had a 15 pound weight dropped on her broken leg.

One of Q's numerous friends visits. The entire picture set is helped by the fact that Q has nice looking feet.

Q was on the phone non-stop once the bell ringing community learned of her injury

As most of your know, I believe a cast must be earned. That is the reason, I am not a fan of recreational casting sites. I know many members of the cast community love them. But recreational casting is just not my thing. Could be the sadist in me.

Q finally at rest is in her leg cast. She earned the cast the hard way

I believe a cast like Q eventually was placed in is a product of hard work. Earning a cast requires enduring equal parts, shock, horror, pain, fear, hope, agony, and finally relief.

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