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Glamorous Grandmother Snaps Tibia

Dawn at her current age of 48. Pretty nice looking woman

Dawn grew up in Southern California. A self proclaimed 'beach girl', she loved to surf, smoke weed, drink cheap booze, and fuck handsome surfers. As a teenager in the mid 80's, she claimed to have had sex on the end of the Santa Monica Pier, in a boat in a Venice Beach Canal, under the iconic end of route 66 sign, in a Santa Monica Beach Lifeguard Tower, and on one of the 'Mary go rounds' at the Hippodrome on the Santa Monica Pier.

It's actually surprising that surfer Dawn managed to have only two babies before she was the age of 17. Fortunately, Dawn's mom was the maternal type and welcomed her grand children as her own. She raised the kids as best she could until Dawn achieved some level of sobriety in her mid 40's.

Dawn in the ER. She was casted the day she was injured because she was out of town.

Fast forward to 2019. Dawn's oldest child, a boy, has died from an overdose. Dawn's youngest child, a girl who lives in Washington State, is celebrating her 30th birthday party with her own, 5 year old son. Dawn, in the last year, has found God, given up weed for red wine, fallen head over heels in love with her grandson, become a 'life coach' (as if anyone would ever want Dawn giving advice to their teenage daughter), and married a man of questionable background and character.

Dawn in her daughter's house the day of the accident.

At her daughter's birthday, Dawn over imbibes of the wine and falls down a set of stairs. The diagnosis in the ER is an impressive hairline fracture of the upper tibia. She is placed in a pink full leg cast.

Dawn during her stay with her daughter in Washington State

Dawn decides to exercise squatter rights and stay with her daughter for another week. Dawn's grandson loved her cast. He draws on the cast as often as her can. Dawn adores the child.

I have no doubt in my mind that this kid will be a caster by the time he is 15. I firmly believe that exposure to a relative or friend's cast as a child is a trigger for later cast fetishes.

Dawn the day of her cast removal. If you haven't noticed, the woman has world class toes and loves to show them off.

Dawn eventually returned home to California and served her six week sentence in the full leg cast. After her trip through two airports, Dawn marveled on social media about the male fascination with casts. "Men seem fascinated by my cast. I got frequent stairs in the airport. And on the plane, the guy in the seat next to me seemed totally fascinated by my cast and my toes. I let him sign my cast and noticed that his hand was shaking. Who knows what makes men tick."

Dawn's leg splint after removal of the cast

Dawn transitioned from the cast to a knee splint. She wore the splint for six additional weeks. Today, Dawn has fully recovered from the injury.

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