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God I Love Rugby!

Poor Nikki. She is a mother of four living in England. She is a lifelong Rugby fan and actually coached the sport in youth leagues.

Nikki is a cutie pie. She is a mother of four with a hippie streak in her.

At the age of 39, the mother of 4 decided it would be a good idea to practice her rugby skills. She joined a rugby club in England. For six months, things went fine. Nikki was actually a high performer and started for her club team

Nikki in action. I know next to nothing about Rugby but I was told that Nikki was a natural at the sport

Then it happened. Ten minutes into a challenge match in June of 2018, Nikki was clattered by two opponents either side of her. The 39-year-old heard her ankle break like a “matchstick” before falling to the ground in agony.

Nikki said: “I heard a pretty bad noise like a bone cracking and it was heard from the other side of the pitch. My ankle bore the brunt of the tackle and I ended up breaking it in three places. It was so painful but the adrenaline was still going. I blanked it out for a bit but it was horrendous."

Things went from bad to worse. “They had to pop it back around for circulation reasons so that it was facing the right way. I was on gas and air so that was distracting me but I feel sick just thinking of it. I was on the pitch and they had to do that before they could even move me and putting it back in really was the most painful bit.”

Nikki at the hospital. Waiting for surgery.

Because of the severity of the injury, Nikki was operated on immediately upon arrival at the hospital.

Don't you just love the arrow. No way would they have known which ankle was broken without that. This is Nikki the day after the accident

Nikki's recovery took over three months. She moved in with her mother during the initial phase of her recovery. Hubby fared well with the four children.

Nikki just before her release from the hospital

Nikki progressed from a splint to a boot. She was non weight bearing for two months. She was told by her surgeon that her rugby career was over.

Nikki and Hubby four months after the accident. Almost good as new!

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