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Gorgeous EMT Breaks a Leg

Amanda is a blond Medic who lives in Canada. Amanda adores the outdoors. She is a competitive cyclist and a workout fanatic.

Amanda wearing her EMT uniform

In November of last year, Amanda had bike accident. She was on a ride when a skateboarder darted in front of her. She ended up with a broken and dislocated ankle.

Amanda described her ankle injury as 'epic'. Her foot was turned around backward and jagged bone ends were pressing against the skin. The pain was life altering. A woman who witnessed the accident called the Canadian version of 911 and provided whatever comfort she could provide to Amanda who was writhing uncontrollably on the ground.

Emily (right) with Amanda weeks after the accident

Help arrived within 10 minutes. One of the EMT's on the scene was a friend of Amanda. Her name is Emily. Emily, a veteran bone breaker herself, planned to splint Amanda's damaged ankle in place. The ER team would then re-orient Amanda's foot with the benefit of pain medications.

Amanda, in the worst pain of her life, insisted that Emily straighten for ankle then and there. She herself had straightened a dozen or so broken ankles in her EMT career. She thought the accident victims were over reacting with their screams of pain and horror. Even if there was a little pain while Emily straightened the ankle it would soon dissipate. Right?

Amanda's foot upon arrival at the ER

And so it came to be that Emily removed Amanda's shoe, instructed her partner to hold Amanda's shoulder's down, and wrenched Amanda's foot into some semblance of a normal orientation.

Amanda later said. "Nothing could have prepared me for what happened when Emily straightened my foot. I could feel the bones crunching as my foot was moved. I began screaming the minute Emily picked my foot up. I'm sure it only took Emily a few seconds to re-align my ankle but is seemed like an eternity."

Once in the ER, Amanda's ankle was x-rayed and the poor woman was subjected to another painful reduction session - this time with a heavy dose of morphine. "The drugs did nothing. If anything, I think they intensified the pain. And the ankle hurt more after it was set than before."

Amanda's ankle after the painful setting process in the ER

Amanda spent night in the hospital. She slept little. Surgery was performed the following morning.

Amanda's ankle after surgery.

Amanda's ankle following surgery. She was placed in a splint

Three weeks after the injury, Amanda was placed in a fiberglass cast. She has a love hate relationship with the cast tech who suggested the black accent tape over the pink cast. He, apparently, caused her to scream twice during the casting process as he pushed her foot into a 90 degree angle.

Amanda's stylish pink cast

Amanda wearing her black cocktail dress. She was on her way to a Christmas party and thought the cast went well with the black dress

Amanda seemed to enjoy showing the cast off in public. Here she is in a bar rest room throwing out an IG post

Finally, nine weeks after breaking her ankle, the cast was removed and Amanda was placed in a walking boot.

The cast was removed by the same cast tech who applied Amanda's cast. Amanda said she should have 'throat punched' the guy for letting her pick a pink and black cast.

Amanda wore the walking boot for 5 weeks.

Today, 4 months after the accident, Amanda is on the rode to recovery. Her ankle still swells and nightly icing and elevation is a way of life.

Amanda (on the right in the left side picture and on the left in the right side picture) with her partner 'Bones' who is also an EMT

Amanda attributes the speed of her recovery to her live in partner whose nickname is 'Bones'. Amanda was married to a man briefly 5 years ago. She soon recognized her attraction to women. For the last three years, Amanda and Bones have been a couple.

Bones, by the way, is a rodeo bull rider when she is not treating broken bones as an EMT. She claims to have broken over 40 bones in her lifetime.

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