Gorgeous Flight Attendant Learns About Gravity

Eden was a flight attendant for Thomas Cook Airlines - a company focused on providing packaged vacations to tourists. Before becoming a flight attendant, she was a fashion model.

Eden was a model before joining Thomas Cook in 2017. She became a flight attendent to see the world.

Eden was working a flight from Cuba to Manchester England in August of last year, when the plane hit a patch of violent turbulence. Eden was in the aisle of the plane at the time serving passengers from a beverage cart. Without warning, the plane suddenly hit an updraft and rose 500 feet in the air.

The force of the turbulence pinned Eden to the floor of the plane breaking her fibula in 5 places, her tibia, and her foot.

Eden in happier days. She was used as a model by Thomas Cook Air to promote their superior service - and gorgeous flight attendents

In her words “My feet were locked to the ground and my ankle just completely snapped. I didn’t realize what had happened until I tried to take a step and I collapsed. My ankle was at a right angle and I just started screaming. The bottom of my foot was facing to the side."

Unfortunately for Eden, the typical airline first aid kit is equipped only to handle the most common inflight emergencies. These typically include nausea and low blood sugar. Broken bones inflight are not a typical occurrence. The first aid kit contained a non-opioid pain killer called Penthrox. No opioid pain killers were on-board. Nor were splints.

Eden spent 4 hours laying on these uncomfortable seats in unimaginable pain.

Passengers were moved to allow Eden to be lay down on the three adjacent seats. A small group of good samaritin passengers carried Eden to her new bed and made the woman as comfortable as possible with blankets and coats.

Fortunately for Eden, there was a Cuban doctor on the plane. Once Eden was situated in her new bed, he went to work. The good samaritin team held poor Eden down while the doctor put Eden's ankle into some semblance of normalcy. The captain of the plane used the intercom to warn passengers that they may hear a few screams when Eden's foot was re positioned. The screams lasted for over a minute. Passengers were rewarded for enduring the screaming session with free alcoholic beverages for the remaining three hours of the flight.

Eden's leg was splinted with Thomas Cook in flight magazines.

Eden in the Manchester hospital with her newly applied external fixator

Once on the ground in Manchester, there was a great deal of discussion about how to get the poor woman off the plane. Her pain was now a 10 out of 10 on the NRS pain scale. Neither a stretcher or a wheelchair would fit down the center aisle of the plane. EMT's decided to place a plastic sheet on the floor of the aisle and to drag Eden past 30 rows of seats to the front of the plane.

Eden on her 27th birthday

At the hospital, Eden was rushed into surgery and a was placed in an external fixator. She spent 10 days in the hospital. After six weeks, the fixator was removed and Eden was placed in a cast.

Eden and her stylish black cast

Thomas Cook - the world's first travel company - went bankrupt early this year. Fortunately, the company agreed to continue to pay Eden's medical bills.

Eden had a baby a month ago. She walks with a slight limp but is pleased with her recovery from the injury.

Eden during a fashion model shoot in South Africa

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