Gorgeous Travel Blogger Breaks a Leg

Russian women have always intrigued me. When I was 9 year old watching TV re-runs after school, my favorite show was called 'The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends." The cartoon show was a bit lame by today's cartoon standards but it included a weekly segment about the doings of "Boris Badanov and Natasha Fatale" who were Russian spies set on dismantling American Capitalism.

Natasha Fatale shown with her partner in crime Boris Badinov

At the age of 9, I could care less about the cold war battle between Communism and Democracy. Even at that young age, however, my lesbian DNA was flowering and I was in love with Natasha, Jackie Kennedy, and Wonder Woman - not in that order.

Natasha was always shown in either a purple or red dress and had the sexiest damned Russian accent. She used guns and handcuffs and bombs to subdue her enemy. I think I may have had a submissive side as a youth. I matured in college and became a professional domme and recreational sadist. More on that in a later post.

Oksana with her husband Max. She is a gorgeous woman with a lilting Russian accent

So imagine my delight when I came across a travel blog by a beautiful Russian woman who had broken her leg while traveling in Costa Rica.

Here is the story as told by the woman whose name is Oksana.

She and her husband Max travel around the world and manage a travel blog. They fund their travels in a variety of ways. Some rental property income. Some Blog endorsements. Some travel related product sales. Their goal is to be traveling around the world and blogging 365 days a year.

Unfortunately, a visit to Costa Rica a few years ago derailed their travel plans for a few months.

Here are Max and Oksanna on their way to the water on the day Oksana broke her leg

Oskana and Max were surfing at a beach in Playa Avellanas. Here is what happened next in Oksana's own words:

"I’m still a newbie when it comes to surfing. I learned how to surf in Australia back in 2010 when I spent a week at Spot X Surf Camp. But I hadn’t surfed much since then. It was something I really wanted to get back into now that amazing surfing was available right at our doorstep in Playa Avellanas.

We’d gone out surfing in Avellanas a few times before and while I was far from an expert, I felt like I was getting better every time. In fact, that day felt like my best day ever. I had managed to catch and ride to shore at least 10-15 waves. My last wave was no exception. I felt the wave under my board and was up on my feet riding it within a few seconds. I didn’t fall. I didn’t get hit by the board. I simply jumped off when the board reached the shore… It was nothing more than bad luck. A freak accident. My left foot didn’t absorb the impact. I fell down and immediately felt an unmistakable crack in my shinbone. There was no question about what had happened. I could see the outline of bone protruding from under the shin. F***K!!!!“Max!”, I started yelling at the top of my lungs, waving my hands to attract his attention. He was about chest deep, getting ready to take on another wave. “Max”, I bellowed again, this time attracting attention of a few surf instructors conducting a lesson 300 m away from me. They sprinted towards me beating Max by about a second and within a minute, a crowd was hovering over me.“I broke my leg, I broke my leg”, I kept repeating in a state of complete shock. “Can someone just pop it back in?” For some reason, I thought that would fix all my problems. (I blame it on all those years of watching Grey’s Anatomy)"

Oksana resting very very uncomfortably in the back of Max]'s SUV waiting on an ambulance.

Several version of what happened next exist. As best I can tell, the local EMT group consisted of three drunken bartenders from a beach front dive bar. The trio showed up minutes after Max and the surfing instructors got Oskana safely out of the water and laying on her surfboard. Because of the thickness of the Playa Avellanas sand, a decision was made to carry Oksana who rested on her surfboard to Max's car which was parked a half mile away.

Once again in Oksana's words. "For 15 minutes, I was bounced up and down as 10 guys helped carry me on the surfboard across the soft sandy beach and onto the dirt road. I screamed the entire time. The pain was unbearable."

Although no one at the hospital Oksana was taken to could speak English, it did not take a multi lingual x-ray technician to let Oksana know she had broken her leg

In one of the best decisions of the afternoon, an ambulance was called to take Oskana on the 1.5 hour journey to a hospital with reasonable treatment facilities. Once there, x-rays revealed formidable fractures of the tibia and fibula. Because there was uncertainty about the quality of Oksana's travel insurance (the cost of surgery would be $9,000), a conservative treatment option was selected.

Oksana shortly after the application of her full leg cast

The conservative option involved a painful pull and twist session followed by the application of a full leg plaster cast which she would wear for 3 months. Oksana later said she would have preferred to spend a day on the surfboard being carried around by the drunken bar tenders than undergo another 20 minute reduction and casting session.

Oksana waiting for her release from the hospital the day she broke her leg

That night, Max drove Oksana back to their accommodations in Playa Avellanas. To say that Oksana, who was a first time bone breaker, was not a fan of her cast would be an understatement. "The pain was so bad I barely slept that night. And the night after. Living with a full leg cast was hell on earth. I couldn’t sit, I could barely move, I couldn’t do anything on my own. I was completely bed-ridden, forced to pee into a jar and rely on Max for everything. (Talk about the ultimate husband test, eh?) I cried daily. I couldn’t possibly imagine this life for another 3 months, despite the fact that I have the best husband in the world!"

Oksana's x-ray a week after the accident. If anything, the fractures seem to have separated more

A week later, the medical insurance situation straightened out, Oksana got a second opinion from a hospital in a more urban part of of Costa Rica. The fracture was not set properly and surgery would be required.

Oksana's leg 24 hours after her surgery

Oksana had a titanium rod inserted in her tibia and a plate installed in her fibula. Again, in her own words: "24 hours after the surgery and I already feel 10x better than I did a week ago with that damn cast. I can bend my knee, I can lift my leg, I can walk on crutches, and I am finally able to sleep through the night. My physiotherapy will start in about 3 weeks with doctor prescribed daily pool sessions. (Sounds like a perfect excuse to book ourselves into a nice all inclusive resort with a big nice pool). If everything goes well, I should be back on my feet in about 8 weeks."

Oksana 9 months after the injury. Still not quite right but enjoying a hike in Peru

Today, Oksana is fully recovered from the injury. She and Max continue to tour the world and post to their travel blog.

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