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Graduation Present

Courtney graduated from High School in 2013. It was a memorable year for the rural Minnesota native.

Less than 48 hours after breaking her leg, Courtney walked on stage to get her diploma

Two days before her scheduled graduation, Courtney broke her tibia and fibula in a softball game.  We were in the fifth inning, and there was a girl running to home and the ball was thrown to me; I went to tag her and she slid into my leg and knocked me down,” Black recalled, who also noted that she did, in fact, tag the girl out. “I didn’t know what had happened, but I saw my pitcher standing over me and I was like, ‘Oh, I have to give her the ball.”

Courtney, a catcher for the team, shown minutes before breaking her leg.

Courtney is one tough cookie. She hunts wild game with a bow and arrow, fishes, and, in general, is a tom boy. Although catcher's wear leg pads to prevent leg injuries from errant pitches, Courtney's leg was grotesquely angled after the injury. "The pain was unbelievable. And I could feel my foot kind of dangling. Mike (the trainer) had no experience with something like this. He freaked out when he saw my leg. I knew I had to keep my senses."

So with the presence of field general, 17 year old Courtney calmly directed the trainer to remove her pads, shoe and sock. She instructed the trainer to pull on her leg until she stopped screaming. "Don't let up." Courtney said. "Even if I call your mother bad names." The trainer complied but wished he had joined the chess club instead of signing up for the high school athletic training program. After briefly passing out, Courtney spotted an empty pizza box in a nearby trashcan. She instructed the trainer to splint her leg using the pizza box and ace bandages.

Courtney surrounded by friends and team mates following her surgery on Friday morning

Courtney's dad was summoned and he drove his daughter to a Medical Center in Duluth. Surgery was performed that night. Miraculously, Courtney was released the next afternoon and she was able to attend her graduation ceremony on Saturday.

Courtney was placed in a series of full leg casts. By the time she left home for college in the fall of 2013, Courtney was limp free but her athletic career was over.

Courtney's broken tibia was treated with a plate and screws. Her leg is shown here during her first cast change

Courtney attended the University of Nebraska for a year. She was a bit of a party girl and lasted only a year at Nebraska.

Courtney displaying her patriotic side during her brief stay at the University of Nebraska

Courtney eventually transferred to small school in Minnesota. She studied accounting and today is an auditor for a large accounting firm.

Courtney is reminded daily of her softball accident. She says most guys she meets find her scars sexy

In 2015, Courtney broke her wrist in a skateboarding accident

This is one tough woman. Here is Courtney after proudly killing Bambi with a bow and arrow

But the girl cleans up well. Shown here with current boyfriend in 2019

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