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Gorgeous Jenessa Breaks a Leg and Foot Skateboarding

Jenessa is a 31 year old mother of three young children. She is a fitness nut and has an amazing body.

Jenessa has fashion model looks. Not bad for a mother of three!

Jenessa's husband is a US Army doctor - a podiatrist to be more exact. While he was in basic training a few years ago, Jenessa and the kids visited her parents in Indiana. Jenessa decided to show her young son her skateboarding skills while wearing sandals. She had a little fall in the family driveway and managed to break her left tibia and fracture the 5th metatarsal in her right foot.

Jenessa being loaded into the ambulance.

An ambulance was summoned and Jenessa was whisked away to the local medical center. X-rays showed that Jenessa would require surgery for both injuries.

Jenessa in the ER. The foot fracture was actually compound

Surgery was performed within hours. The gorgeous woman had a pin inserted in her foot and a rod in the tibia. Her right foot was placed in a boot and her left leg in a toe to thigh splint.

Jessica, in obvious pain, forced to bear weight on her damaged legs a day after the surgery

For the next week, Jenessa spent most of her working days in a wheelchair.

Jenessa sporting her stylish boot and full leg splint. Note the 'Skate or Die' t-shirt

10 Days after her surgeries, Jenessa had her sutures removed and the full leg splint replaced with a short leg fiberglass cast.

Jenessa's brand new cast. Note the scars from the rod insertion

Jenessa again in her favorite t-shirt

Jenessa a few weeks after being placed in her cast. The drawing at the top of her cast says 'Skate or Die'

Six weeks after surgery, Jenessa's cast was replaced with a boot and the boot was removed from her right leg.

Now with a boot on her broken leg, Jenessa wonders how to get dinner out of the oven

Today, Jenessa lives with her husband and kids in Fort Bragg, NC. She has recovered fully from the injury. She has a small fear of skateboards but insists her kids learn to ride them.

Jenessa one year after her injury, teaching her daughter how to balance on a skateboard.

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