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Hazel's Ballet Bust

Hazel the day before her little accident

I have never met someone named Hazel in real life. The mention of the name conjures images of the portly live in maid Hazel who served the Baxter family in the 1960's US sitcom of the same name.

Shirley Booth played the Hazel character in the Sitcom

This blog is about a different Hazel. The Hazel we are speaking of is a red headed bombshell who lives in Great Britain. She went out for a night on the town with a couple of close friends. The women had tickets to the ballet at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Hazel is somewhat if a social media celebrity in Great Britain so she was able to score back stage access to the performance.

After the performance, Hazel decided to do a little dance on the stage. She managed to break her ankle in the process.

After a quick little ambulance ride, Hazel arrived at the hospital ER. The following video sequence takes you through Hazel's ER experience.

In the ER, Hazel's ankle was put back into position. The reduction session lasted 15 minutes and was done without the benefit of pain killers. Hazel's friends held her hand during the reduction session. Hazel is a tough cookie.

Hazel emerged from the ER in a temporary cast and became best buds with ER staff.

Hazel after her little broken ankle setting session.

Note the plaster on the tips of Hazel's elegant toes

Hazel's friends took great pride in painting their friend's toe and cooking her breakfast

This woman was born to wear a cast. Do you think Andy is a lucky guy?

A week or so after the injury, Hazel was placed in a permanent cast.

I love the way the toe of the cast was angled to accentuate Hazel's long toes

When she was a teenager, Hazel severely broke and dislocated her left ankle. She was in a full leg cast for almost four months. The ankle still swells and she wears a compression bandage on the ankle occasionally

While in the permanent cast, Hazel posted a video about life in her cast. The focus was on what is the bag she carries with her while on crutches.

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