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How a Spica Cast Almost Caused a Prison Sentence

Updated: May 25, 2020

This is one of those Blog posts that substantiate a theory -- reality is stranger than fiction.

Yesterday, my dear friend Madforplaid recently sent some background information about Cassie who is the subject of this blog article. She lives in northern Texas in the United States. She is currently 25 years old. When she was 11, Cassie had a dirt bike accident. She and her step father were riding dirt bikes in a remote part of Texas.

Cassie caught a wet patch in the ground and ended up in a ditch. Her femur was broken an inch or two above her knee. The pain was all consuming and her thigh swelled to 3 times its normal size. Cassie's step father, who is a photographer and the source of all of the pictures in this blog, used his RAZR cellphone to call for help.

Cassie hours after having her spica cast applied. The girl is heavily drugged.

Cassie was helicoptered to Cook's Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, TX. There, the poor girl was heavily sedated and her leg was placed in skin traction with 7 pounds of weight pulling the broken bones into alignment. After three days, Cassie was put to sleep and placed in a spica cast with a warning that if the bones shifted out of alignment, surgery may be required.

Cassie in the recovery room after her spica cast was applied. Note that the cast has not yet been finished

Cassie was kept in the hospital for another 4 days until doctors were sure her fractured femur could be kept in proper alignment.

A day before her release from the hospital, Cassie was once again put to sleep and the cast was completed. A spreader bar was placed between the girl's legs and her injured leg was wrapped in blue fiberglass.

Cassie finally at home. Cassie would eventually spend 13 weeks in the spica cast. This is one of the few pictures of Cassie smiling while in the spica cast

Cassie came from a somewhat dysfunctional family. Cassie's mom divorced her dad when Cassie was 5. Step dad came with three kids - all older than Cassie. Cassie's 18 year old step brother was arrested for dealing drugs a month before her accident. Her 15 year old step sister became pregnant two months after Cassie's injury. And step dad's photography business was built around taking pictures of youth sporting events. While there is no crime in photographing boys and girls in gym clothes, 90% of step dad's business seemed to come from taking pictures of middle school aged girls.

I first saw this picture 10 years ago. The picture stunned me. I did not know Cassie's background at the time. Most kids - even when in pain - will smile and wave when a camera is pointed at them. Cassie, only 2 weeks into her spica cast experience, was showing signs of depression

In October, I wrote a blog post about spica casts. I believe men and women who are placed in spica casts as kids face mental challenges as adults. I believe a high percentage of spica cast wearers end up suffering from depression and experience a high likelihood of becoming homosexual. Since I am both depressed and bisexual, I am not passing judgement. You can read the post HERE.

Once home, Cassie spent her time on a mattress in the living room. The dog's name is Buffy.

Even before the injury, Cassie was a different kind of kid. She never played with dolls. She was a tom boy and enjoyed playing hockey with boys. Her appearance was mannish and she abhorred the idea of make up or nail polish. She was subject to mood swings and was quick to get angry.

Cassie's parents rented a hoist that could be used to move Cassie around the ground floor of her house. For 13 weeks, Cassie's universe was her mattress, the dining room table, and the bathroom

For an 11 year old kid, nothing is more humiliating than being placed in a spica cast. Cassie wore diapers for the first two weeks she was home. These were changed by her mom in the living in full view of other family members. Cassie ate dinner hanging like a piece of meat from her hoist in the dining room. Even when she graduated from diapers, someone had to accompany her into the bathroom because she was unable to wipe herself.

Cassie a day before having her spica cast removed.

Fortunately, Cassie's physical injury healed properly. In April of 2004, she was driven 2.5 hours from her home in north Texas to Ft. Worth to have the spica cast removed.

Cassie, Micky Mouse, and Cassie's 15 year old, pregnant step sister at Walt Disney World

In June, her family made a trip to Disney world. Cassie was still on crutches at this point in time. She was escorted in a wheelchair throughout the park. In the picture above, you can see Cassie is not yet weight bearing on the leg. Cassie's 15 year old step sister is pregnant but not yet showing in the picture.

In an ironic twist of fate, the step sister later told Cassie that she got pregnant in Cassie's upstairs bedroom while Cassie was playing Sims 2 on her PlayStation. More specifically, Cassie was having virtual sex with her cute, red headed 10 year old neighbor in the video game at the time her step sister was being screwed by a local drug dealer.

Cassie and her mom 2 years after the injury. Mom forced Cassie to wear lipstick for the photo shoot by her dad

As she moved into high school, Cassie behavior became erratic. It was now apparent to mom and step dad that Cassie was a lesbian. Her interest in sports waned in part due to the leg injury. She became a loner and began dabbling in drugs.

In 2012, Cassie graduated from high school and became a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA). This is an entry level health care job that requires little training. CNA's are not nurses and cannot give shots or put in IV's. They spend most of their time cleaning up patients and helping them to the bathroom.

In 2017, Cassie was arrested for having sexual relations with a minor. Here is an article from the local North Texas paper discussing her arrest and sentence. (Names have been changed to protect Cassie's identity)

Cassie's booking photo after her arrest

A North Texas woman may not have to serve prison time for soliciting and having sexual relations during an alleged romantic relationship with a 16-year-old girl.

Cassie Ann Deaver, 23, was sentenced to seven years deferred adjudication community supervision and ordered to pay a $750 fine after she pleaded guilty to online solicitation of a minor and sexual assault of a child.

In addition to the standard probation terms, Deaver must register as a sex offender, not communicate directly with or go near the victim, serve 240 hours of community service and submit to both an alcohol and drug assessment and a mental health assessment.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit:

The mother of the victim contacted police in March regarding the supposed relationship between her 16-year-old child and then-22-year-old Deaver, and provided a print out of more than 69,000 text messages between the two over about a three-month period.

Deaver began to ask in text messages about the minor's sexual experience, what she liked and "What's your biggest turn on." The messages also indicated the pair talked about kissing and if the minor was into "anything weird" or fetishes.

The exchange about different sex-related topics continued and, at one point, Deaver also said she could "go to prison" because of the relationship. Deaver later texted that "the sex should be great" and, in December, traveled to the Wichita Falls area to meet with the minor.

During an interview with the minor, the victim acknowledged the romantic relationship with Deaver. The girl said she believed the messages sent by Deaver were because Deaver wanted to meet and have sex.

The minor said the pair went to the La Quinta Inn on Maurine Street in December and that Deaver had performed sexual acts on the victim while there.

An investigation into the matter revealed a receipt from La Quinta under Deaver's name. They arrived on Dec. 27 and left the following day.

So a sad ending to a sad tale. To avoid jail time for this type of offense in the United States requires mitigating circumstances. These are typically significant events in the accused's past that would lead a judge and jury to believe the accused is not fully to blame for the crime.

Although it can't be proved, I believe that Cassie was abused as a child and, specifically, while she was in the spica cast. Possibly by her step dad the photographer who enjoyed taking pictures of middle aged girls. Or, possibly by her older step brother the drug dealer. Or even by dear old mom who wanted Cassie to play with dolls. Or maybe by all of them.

Anyway, my two main take aways - truth is stranger than fiction and spica casts do not result in a normal adult life.

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