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I think this woman was born to wear a cast

Sara is the creator of one of the most widely viewed female cast picture sets in history. The curly haired sex pot played soccer for Scranton University; a division III school in Pennsylvania. As a senior. Sara broke the all time scoring record for 'Royals' women soccer players. At 5'4" and 125 she was a dynamo player.

Then, on October 2nd, 2004, Sara suffered a broken leg against visiting DeSales University. The DeSales goalie cut off Sara in front of the goal. Sara's leg was badly broken. The Annual Scranton Sports Journal called her injury 'sobering'. Play was stopped on the field and wasn't resumed even after Sara was taken away by ambulance.

Amazingly, Sara avoided surgery. The leg was set while Sara was in a comatose state. Her leg was placed in a soft splint in the ER. She was awake when she was placed in her first hard cast - a nifty purple number - days later.

Sara seemed to adjust to the cast the way a duck adapts to water. Almost every picture of Sara and her cast shows a smiling Sara -- fully adapted to the challenges of cast life.

Her teammates seemed to have adopted Sara's cast as trophy of courage. Her cast is adorned with signatures and teammates seem to relish touching and holding Sara's cast. Maybe they are jealous of the attention that Sara and her cast get.

Later in her recovery, Sara was placed in a below the knee cast. The second cast was light blue. She took a trip to Epcot and Disney Land and was able to get priority status at the front of lines.

There are two aspects of the Sara picture set that intrigue me. First, she seems to revel in displaying her cast and toes to the world at large. This is a theme that runs though the picture set.

My second point of intrigue deals with what lucky person took the pictures of Sara? Mom and dad? Brother or sister? Teammates?

Today, Sara is happily married and lives in Hoboken, New Jersey. She was inducted into the Scranton University Athletic Wall of Fame in 2014. Hopefully, her husband has an appreciation for females in casts.

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