If Toes Could Talk

A significant percentage of the cast community has some form of feet fetish. This blog is dedicated to the men and women of the cast community who enjoy seeing female tootsies dangling from the end of a cast.

Today we have five women who spent significant time in leg casts and are extremely proud of the appearance of their feet.

Jody Jaffe

Jody makes a habit of displaying her feet. She claims that her 2nd husband is her 'nail guy'

Many of you know of Jody Jaffee from the cast stories I write. She is a frequent character in them.

Young Jody a year after the accident

In 1980, Jody broke her leg in a horse back riding accident. She was driven to a hospital by friends. There she underwent and extremely painful boot removal session followed by a 2 hour fracture reduction session. The next day, her leg was operated on. During surgery, a 'bolt' was placed in her leg (her term). She spent four months in a full leg cast. Her marriage at the time was shaky at best. Her husband actually drove her wheelchair into a wall on purpose once to show how irritated he was by the cast.

Jody a few years ago. Note the 'bolt' extending from her right leg

At the time of accident, she was the fashion editor of the Charlotte Observer. She later became a fairly accomplished author.


Megan wearing her belly dancing shoes

Megan is a 32 year old woman. She works for a global catering company and moonlights are a Belly dances on weekends.

In grade school, Megan was riding a four wheeler with her father. Her vehicle tipped crushing Megan's right leg. An ambulance was summoned, Megan's leg was freed, and the girl was taken to a local hospital. The leg was set and placed in a full leg plaster cast for 8 weeks. At that point, Megan was placed in a short leg walking cast.

Megan in belly dancing attire

Megan is well aware of the allure of a woman's foot to many men. She wears sandals year round and frequently uses her feet as a way of making a point while talking. Some people use their hands to reinforce discussion. Megan uses her feet.


Donna with her dog Max. Lucky dog

Donna is another woman who appears in my stories with some frequency. She is 46, single, and the mother of a teenage boy.

She was 16 years old when she had a horseback accident. Her right leg was brutally broken. The break was compound and an ambulance was needed to get her to the hospital.

Donna is a beautiful woman. She has done fashion modeling

The hospital was extremely busy upon her arrival. Her riding boot was removed. It was obvious the leg was broken but she was forced to wait on a gurney in a crowded corridor. She was of course in agony.

Danna told me about her waiting room experience when I first met her five years after the accident. A young intern, recognizing that she was in severe pain, decided to help her. He examined the leg, took her foot in his hands and pulled and twisted violently.

Donna is proud of her body. I would be too

"I had never been through anything like that." She explained simply. "I couldn't help but scream."

Donna underwent surgery that night and was placed in a full leg plaster cast. The following morning, nurses noticed that blood had seeped through the cast. The was removed, the would resealed, and a new cast applied. She remained in a cast for 13 weeks. Each week, the leg was x-rayed and the cast was changed.


Liv lives in West Palm Beach Florida.

When she was 13, she was tossed from a horse and suffered a broken leg. At the hospital, her leg was set and placed in a soft cast. One week later, she visited an orthopedic surgeon and was told surgery would be required. After surgery, her leg was placed in a full leg cast for six weeks.

Liv wearing her full leg cast. Amazing facial expression that simultaneously registers, surprise, enjoyment, and hopelessness

The long leg cast was followed by a short leg cast. For whatever reason, the leg bothers Liv 15 years later. She experiences occasional swelling and is forced to walk with a limp.

Liv in a picture taken a few years ago with her boyfriend

Liv is a self proclaimed stoner. She works in a vegan restaurant,


Dannielle's left leg was in a cast for over six months. You can see the scar from the first break just below the knee

Dannielle had a rough childhood. In grade school, she broke her lower left leg in a 4 wheeler accident. The break was compound and nasty. Following surgery, she spent a month in a hospital. She was in a full leg cast for 16 weeks. The week after having her cast removed, Dannielle fell while on crutches and broke her left femur. She returned to the same hospital, spent a number of weeks in traction and was then placed in a spica cast.

Dannielle during her first pregnancy

Dannielle's streak of bad luck continued during her child hood. A few years after breaking the leg, she fell from a tree and broke her right arm. That warranted a few months in a full arm cast.

Dannielle claims she does not like people to see her feet. Strange for a woman who is a licensed nail tech has has dozens of pictures of her feet on social media site

Today, Dannielle is a mother of three. She told me last month that her lower leg and her femur bother her every day. There is not a day that goes by when Dannielle does not think about her broken leg.

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