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In Your Face!

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

I think most women realize that a significant portion of the male population has some form of foot fetish. Educated women also realize that the religions practiced by over half of the world's population discourage the display of sole of the feet.

How would you like to be the parents of this teen? She surely realizes that the sight of her toes will drive a large number and men and boys crazy. She has taken toe display to a whole new level. She is in a full leg cast so she has allowed some lucky soul to liven up the bottom of her toes with a magic marker. Her sole is pointed firmly at the camera person -- almost daring him to begin sucking on the toes. She takes the disrespect level for the camera man up even higher by blowing a bubble in the poor guy's face. And the crowd of hormonal teen friends laughing and encouraging their cheerleader friend make this picture a classic 'in your face' picture.

Here we have a similar picture. A young woman in a full leg cast is taunting the camera person - probably a boyfriend. Once again, the bottom of the toes have been drawn on and are shoved in the face of the camera man - almost as a dare. You can almost hear her saying - 'I dare you --- go ahead and suck them." The presence of the good foot in the picture exemplifies the 'in your face' message.

This is one of my favorite cast pictures of all time. I have thing for women with curly hair and glasses. Add a leg cast and I am like a wet noodle in their hands. This is probably a short leg cast but that does not matter. Look at the playful look on the curly haired beauty's face as she shoves her bare toes in the face of the camera person. Once again, I suspect the camera person may be a boyfriend. Are those chains on the fireplace mantle in the upper left portion of the photo?

And a lightly different composition approach here but still a world class 'in your face. cast picture" I believe this is a screen shot from a German cooking show. The cast is obviously new. No signs of spaghetti sauce stains. The woman shows total disregard for societal rules and customs. Her toes are pointed toward the camera person. She is far more consumed with relieving the itching in her foot than maintaining eye contact with the cooking show viewers.She is sticking her tongue out which is considered another form of rudeness in many cultures. And look at what she is using to scratch her long toes. Is that the spoon she will be using to serve our food? Totally 'in your face"!

The female 'in your face' cast picture has been a huge part of cast community cast collections for decades. This type of picture should be recognized as being one of the highest art forms in the cast picture world.

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